Fata Aluminum will be at the 71st World Foundry Congress 2014 to be held in Bilbao, Spain, from 19th to 21st May 2014.

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Fata Aluminum’s range of products goes from automated casting plants for aluminum castings (automatic carousels, casting machines, pouring robots, etc) to an environmentally friendly sand regeneration technology that reduces cost and improves the quality of the sand.

Fata Aluminum will present the paper “A New Concept For Thermal Sand Regeneration Systems” about its innovative way of thermal regeneration of sand, based on the experience of more than fifty thermal sand regeneration systems in major foundries worldwide.

Fata Aluminum engineered the brand new Compact Rec with reduced overall height, to allow installations in small foundries., It has a productivity range between 0,5 and 2,5tons/hour and it does not need any heavy or big supporting structure. Consequently the return of investment will occur in much shorter time frame.

The Compact Rec is not simply a smaller version of the previous Hot Rec and Eco Rec products. On the basis of their experience Fata Aluminum technicians designed a brand new furnace with both sand cooler and heat recovery unit built in shape inside a unique shaped furnace. This furnace is the result of many years’ experience and drives the sand reclamation to the next century. It allows reduction in gas consumption with its built in heat recovery for preheating of the combustion air, and maintains the residual LOI to the top level of around 0,01%.
Due to its small dimension, height around 7 meters, the furnace needs no supporting structure and it could also be installed indoors.
With this new Furnace that has been specifically designed for the small foundry market, Fata Aluminum has added a very innovative system to its top quality range of equipment.