Fire resistant hydraulic fluids - FM Approved

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Leader for more than 25 years in fire resistant products formulated from  organic ester bases,
CONDAT continues to develop  these fluids to adapt them to the most recent market expectations
and to offer its customers  superior protection from fire risks.

Today, CONDAT is happy to announce that the CONDAT D fluids have successfully completed the latest Factory Mutual Global approval tests and have been certified "Approved Fire resistant Fluids".

From the 90s, these fluids were acknowledged as "Fire resistance tested" by FACTORY MUTUAL, a worldwide insurance company well known for its expertise in risk management engineering. FACTORY MUTUAL certifies and tests products used in industrial environments. Their understanding of damages is unique and the analysis made by their engineers leads to new steps in the prevention field and allows them to establish new industrial norms. Today, the new standard of FACTORY MUTUAL GLOBAL is more rigorous and more severe than its previous version. 


CONDAT D46 and D68 hydraulic fluids have been widely used for many years in all industries where protecting employees and equipment against fire is essential: in tunnel boring, in the steel industry, glass factories, forging, die casting and initial metal processing,…
CONDAT D fluids prevent fire propagation and are self-extinguishing. They reduce significantly the risks presented by the use of a mineral oil in hydraulic installations, for example, when a pipe breaks or when oil is sprayed out due to leaks near a flame.

Moreover, these fluids are biodegradable and non toxic, as they are classified WGK1 according to the latest standards of the Hygiene Institute; they allow the users to limit their pollutant rejects and to adopt an environmentally friendly policy.

Since its foundation in 1854, CONDAT has been recognized as a speciality lubricants manufacturer. Using its depth of technical knowledge, CONDAT develops high performance lubricants with added value, adapted to every industrial application. CONDAT recommends to its customers the best lubricating solution, in terms of performance, economical and environmental awareness.


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