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Fluid Competence develops hydraulic fluids that excel through a profile that is unique in four ways. They are up to 99% biodegraded in 28 days, which makes them extremely environmentally friendly. At the same time, they offer excellent flame resistance and promote health protection, as these fluids are neither toxic nor carcinogenic.

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Thanks to a patented additive technology, they also prevent corrosion in the systems. The three CORSAVE, LUBESAVE and FREEZESAVE product ranges have the potential to operate hydraulic systems across the globe in a more environmentally friendly and secure way and with less wear than ever before. Pretty smart, don’t you think? 

Imagine you have hydraulic fluids in your machine/vehicle with characteristics as following: 

  • Environment/Sustainability 
  • Does not cause environmental damage! 
  • Is biodegradable in 28 days! 
  • Does not contain substances from which food is made! 


  • Is very flame-retardant! 
  • Can be extinguished/cooled with water! 
  • Does not contain critical substances! 


  • Meets the highest technical standards! 
  • Corresponds to the performance level of high performance hydraulic oils! 
  • Has no problems with water contamination! 


  • Is significantly more favourable than previously available organic oils! 
  • Shows virtually no signs of aging! 
  • Food approved 

Maximum biodegradability – oil-free hydraulic Fluids 
Companies are having a radical re-think about how innovation can bring about a better environment. The outcome of research and development work at Fluid-Competence, for example, is providing new solutions for operators of hydraulic equipment. Performance and protection are now the key priorities for water-based hydraulic fluids. These products also perform better in terms of fire prevention, environmental protection and workers’ health and safety. 

Baseline Situation 
Mineral oil-based and bio-based hydraulic fluids are used in many of today’s hydraulic systems. If the hydraulic cylinders are immersed in water or if the machinery is operating in a particular type of environment, as is found in mining and steel making as well as in the chemical and paper industries, these fluids have to meet a specific set of requirements. Fire and explosion protection is often a key consideration. However, when planning to change the fluids in a hydraulic system the actual performance of the new product generally takes precedence above all other  considerations. Water-based hydraulics have undergone such a performance development in recent years that these new fluid products can now be considered as the right option for those wanting to go oil free. 

Equipment Protection and Performance Production engineers see hydraulic equipment as critical to their company’s operations. A stoppage in this area can often bring the entire production line to a halt, which is why low-wear regimes are now very much in demand. And CORSAVE, LUBESAVE and FREEZESAVE hydraulic products from Fluid-Competence are designed with this very much in mind. They offer longer runtimes, improved corrosion protection and better prevention of sludge buildup, with no loss of performance. 

Fire Prevention 
Given that hydraulic fluids from Fluid-Competence were initially developed for use below ground in leading makes of machinery they are inherently fire resistant and also offer maximum explosion protection. As a result they provide enhanced fire and explosion protection for other industrial sectors too, such as steel making and aluminium processing. 

Environmental Protection  
Operators of hydraulic equipment are responsible for ensuring that no harm is done to persons or to the environment either during normal operations or as the result of a malfunction . By using a water-based hydraulic fluid plant safety can be improved not only when things are running normally but also when they go wrong. Thanks to their high level of biodegradability fluids from Fluid Competence therefore make a positive contribution to the environment. They are also suitable for use in construction equipment, in handling and conveying equipment and in agricultural and forestry machinery, as well as in hydraulic engineering applications. Machines and vehicles of this kind often operate on surfaces where any hydraulic leakage is likely to allow fluids to seep into the ground.

Health and Safety Protection Products supplied by Fluid-Competence contain no unsafe additives and therefore meet the highest possible health and safety standards. Fire risk is also much reduced thanks to a high fire-resistance rating, while the excellent ecotoxicological properties are of significant benefit in the event of a fluid spill or leakage. 


  • Surface and underground mining 
  • Steel making 
  • Chemical industry 
  • Paper making 
  • Water industry 
  • Waste management 
  • Agriculture and forestry 
  • Construction sector 
  • Logistics 
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