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Frech Tooling in Poland under New Leadership

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FRECH Tooling is one of the key areas of competence alongside the manufacture of cold- and hot-chamber die casting machines. After all, back in 1949, the company originally started out as a tool-making operation. Throughout its history FRECH have always considered die casting machines and tools as a single technological unit. Only thanks to this integrated approach have developments such as the resource- and energy-saving FRECH Gating System FGS become so successful.

Well over a decade ago FRECH have expanded their tool-making operations by founding the subsidiary FRECH Tools Poland.  Depending on what type of tool or manufacturing technology is required, FRECH now produce die casting dies in Schorndorf and Bielawa for aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloys to sizes of 1,500 x 1,500 mm and weights of 25 tons. All tools can be integrated into FRECH’s service lifecycle management system.

Marcin Karpeta recently joined the Polish tooling team as successor to the long-serving director Jerzy Bielicz who has since gone into retirement. The 35 year old trained metalworker/machinist has extensive experience with machining centers and had been the production manager of the Polish subsidiary since 2014. The production capacity of the Polish subsidiary was increased when it moved to a newly built factory in the same year.

"I want to build on the knowledge and expertise of my predecessors so that we can serve our customers timely and reliably, delivering top-notch dies and tools" emphasizes Karpeta. "That is why we maintain a close-knit exchange of experience with our customers. At the same time we seamlessly interact with our tooling and mechanical engineering specialists at the main plant thus achieving seamless process chains, including CAD and process simulation. We want our customers to achieve highly productive die casting operations on FRECH machines and tools after a minimum ramp-up."


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