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HAITIAN presents its new die casting machine at Euroguss 2024

Foundry-Planet did an on-site visit at Haitian in Brescia, Italy, to learn more about Haitian who produces injection machinery, CNC machines, drive and control systems and die casting machines. In 2025 Haitian plans to build a new plant in Serbia for die casting machines.

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Thomas Fritsch, Chief Editor
International Editor Diana, Engelmann

Foundry-Planet is always committed to the latest developments in the world of foundry. Actually, the name > Haitian < is getting more known in the foundry industry. For this reason, Foundry-Planet went to the site of the company in Brescia, Italy, to get more information of the activities of this “new” die casting machine manufacturer.

Haitian assembles the parts of their die casting machines in Italy. “We make test running’s with CO.MA.Press Sistemi per Pressofusione. CO.MA.Press Sistemi per Pressofusione is our partner company, specialized in holding die castings machines”, so Paolo Notari, Die Casting Sales Manager of Haitian. In the dialogue with Foundry Planet, he also stated that the company exchanges old die casting machines with new ones. “Before the European market was low, now it’s developing very fast. Because Europe has very old die casting machines which need to be replaced”, so Notari.

Haitian plans to deliver 850 t die casting machines

But how did that all begin in Italy with Haitian? This question arose too during the conversation, in which Ilenia Odolini, DCM Sales Commercial Dept of Haitian, also took part alongside Notari. “Our decision was to start small and getting bigger step by step by forcing our competences. If customers want to see the price of our die casting machine, we show it to them quickly”, so Odolini. She also revealed that there are plans for a new showroom: “Our new showroom will be only 30 minutes far from Brescia, because we wanted it closed to our customers. Six die casting machines will be presented there in future. The opening of the showroom is within the next year. Today Haitian sells 150 t and 180 t die casting machines in Italy. In the future, they will sell 850 t die casting machines.

European market activities and outlook

As we know, Haitian is a Chinese manufacturer who settled in Italy. In this context, the next question was to learn more about the market activities of Haitian particular in Europe. “Six months ago, we decided to get into the European market. We have agencies in Portugal, Spain and in France, we are working with Slovenia and Austria. In French, we have a spare parts store and mechanic installation. In Italy, we set up all spare parts for our die casting machines. We have several installations in China and Europe, where we can test the molds for our customers. Now our goal is entering the German market”, Notari explains. In the same way he gave an outlook of new products for die casting that will be available next year: One 450 t die casting machine, double close loop, and cold chamber.

2025 Haitian plans to build a new production plant in Serbia

Concerning future prospects, Notari remained focused on two European countries: “I hope that Italy and Germany will become for us the best markets for die casting machines - and the rest of Europe as well! We have demands from Slovenia – that we serve in collaboration with CO.MA.Press Sistemi per Pressofusione. Sweden is an interesting market too, so we will start business there. Furthermore, Haitian has a well running production plant in Mexico. This week we install two big new die casting machines in Serbia. 2025 we plan to build a new production plant in Serbia – like this we can save time and money.”

The goal to produce around 25 die casting machines for Europe

But the money question alone is not the secret of success. “For us, it’s important to provide quality and safety of our die casting machines”, so Notari’s answer to the questions what Haitian differs from its competitors. “Our customers are very satisfied of our price-quality-ratio! For China, we are expensive, but not for Europe. We also have attractive delivery times: Our delivery time for a standard machine is 1,5 months, for a big machine 2 months. Our goal is to produce around 25 die casting machines for Europe.”

The main feature of Haitian is its high depth of production

Fine quality-price-ratio – well noted. But there is another reason too which differs Haitian from its competitors as Odolini reveals: “The main feature of Haitian is that everything is made by Haitian itself – because we provide a high depth of production. We have been testing our machines for a very long time in China, before selling them in Europe. At the same time, we did a lot of modifications to be better like our competitors. We check our machines regularly, because safety is a very important issue for us too.”

Much reduced the energy costs as unique selling point

Concerning Notari and Odolini, the unique selling point of Haitian is that the company had much reduced the energy costs of its die casting machines. “I think a lot of other manufacturers will follow our example”, so Notari. “Our die casting machines are really strong. As the Chinese material is less expensive, we don’t have to save weight. In general, we use components that are 90 percent identical with the ones of our competitors. But our operator and panel are clearer, which finally strengths the trust of the client in our product.” Haitian presents its die casting machines at Euroguss in Hall 9 / 9-257.

The interview of the one site report was conducted by Thomas Fritsch (Editor-in-Chief of Foundry-Planet) and written by Diana Engelmann (International Editor of Foundry Planet)

About Haitian

Founded in 1966, with over 50 years of growth through entrepreneurial brilliance, Haitian Group has developed into a holding company with multi-national operation and total assets exceeding RMB18.3 billion. The Group now has mainly covered five industries, namely plastics machinery (“Haitian International Holdings Limited” listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange), CNC machines (“Ningbo Haitian Precision Holdings Limited” listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange), drive and control systems (“Haitian Drive”) and die casting machines (“Haitian Die Casting”), smart solutions (“Haitian Smart”). The five companies are affiliated with over 80 subsidiaries throughout the world. In 2022, the Group has generated total output value exceeding RMB18.3 billion, with products sold to customer over 130 countries and regions. More information:



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