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Hüttenes-Albertus to transfer core production from Eurokern to Termit in Slovenia

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Hüttenes-Albertus has concluded a cooperation agreement with the Slovenian company Termit for the production of foundry cores and core packages. As of July 31, 2017, HA will shut down core production at its Baddeckenstedt-based subsidiary Eurokern and supply this service via Termit in Slovenia.

This step signals HA and Termit’s intention to further develop and strengthen their existing cooperation. For more than a year, Termit has been active as a Hüttenes-Albertus sales partner. The Slovenian company already offers HA’s extensive portfolio of foundry chemical products to its customers in Southeast Europe. Now the two companies are also striving for a more complex cooperation at a technical level.

Supplies to customers will continue seamlessly

Hüttenes-Albertus and Termit are combining their core production strengths: Eurokern‘s core shooting machines will be transferred to the Slovenian partner, who will be taking over core production. However, customers will continue to be supplied by Eurokern – with exactly the same quality and reliability they are accustomed to. Termit has been successfully making shell moulding cores for more than 15 years, and cold box cores for almost ten years. The company provides certified quality according to ISO EN 9001 and the environmental standard ISO EN 14001.

Extensive production and service portfolio

In collaboration with Termit, Eurokern will be able to offer seamless supplies to its European customers in Germany, Spain, England, France and the Netherlands. The production programme includes cores and core packages from 0.2 to 400 kg. A large selection of silica sands in different grain sizes, along with the company’s own resin-coated sands, deliver extreme flexibility and high economic efficiency. If required, it is also possible apply special coatings to the cores, optimised to meet the requirements of a range of specific applications.

A reliable partner for proven quality

“We are confident that Termit is an absolutely reliable partner in core production and that this clustering of expertise will deliver benefits to all stakeholders. Our customers will continue to enjoy the same quality and reliability of supply that they are familiar with from Eurokern,” said Amine Serghini, the member of the Hüttenes-Albertus executive board with responsibility for sales and marketing. “This applies, of course, not only to the high-quality cores and core packages, but also to the quality of customer service and supply. Our competent customer service team is ready to serve and advise all of our European customers.”

Space for a new foundry Center of Competence

With the transfer of its core production facilities to Slovenia, HA is creating space in Baddeckenstedt for a new “HA Center of Competence.” The new centre is designed as the interface between research & development, sales and the company’s customers. In various pilot plants, the company will replicate all foundry processes. With the aim of bringing foundry chemical innovations to the market even faster in the future, Hüttenes-Albertus will have the in-house facilities to put new ideas and solutions through practical testing before developing them for series production.


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