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Induction furnace specialist: Fomet Srl

Since its inception in 1963, Fomet has established itself as a cornerstone in the foundry industry, offering unparalleled expertise in the design and manufacture of induction furnaces. With a rich heritage rooted in Italian engineering excellence, Fomet prides itself on delivering innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, reliability, and performance for foundries across the globe.

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Our Products

Fomet's product range is designed to meet the diverse needs of the foundry industry, including:

  • Furnaces for cast-iron, aluminium, bronze, brass, and copper alloys, ensuring optimal melting processes for a variety of materials.
  • Advanced furnace equipment and devices, enhancing operational effectiveness and safety.
  • Cutting-edge refractory materials, providing superior durability and heat management.
  • Sophisticated furnaces automation systems, enabling seamless integration into existing production lines for enhanced control and productivity.

Global Recognition and References

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our global footprint, with prestigious references and partnerships in key industrial markets. Fomet's dedication to quality and innovation has garnered the trust of industry leaders, cementing our position as a preferred partner for foundry solutions worldwide.

Fomet boasts collaborations with leading names in the industry, underscoring its esteemed position on a global scale. These partnerships serve as a testament to our reliability, quality, and advanced technological solutions, solidifying our reputation among the world's most respected foundries. For more detailed information on Fomet's references and global partnerships, please visit our website:

Innovation and Sustainability

At Fomet, we are driven by a commitment to innovation and sustainability. Our R&D team continuously works on advancing our technologies to not only meet the current demands of the foundry industry but also to anticipate future challenges, ensuring our clients stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

Join Us on the Journey to Excellence

Discover how Fomet's cutting-edge induction furnace solutions can transform your foundry operations. Visit to explore our products, delve into our history, and learn more about our commitment to pushing the boundaries of foundry technology. Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can support your business's growth and success. Together, let's shape the future of the foundry industry.



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