Tiziana Tronci, CEO HPDC by Gefond, is among the 50 most innovative Italian female entrepreneurs of 2023 according to GammaDonna

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GammaDonna, the historic association that has been working to reduce the gender gap in the socioeconomic field for 20 years, presents its FAB50, the 50 most innovative Italian women entrepreneurs of the year.

Pushing the world in a more sustainable direction is the wind of innovation and change, a wind that also blows thanks to the dedication and work of women who-with their ideas, talent and resourcefulness-are revolutionizing the way we live and imagine the future, contributing to the economic, social and technological progress of our country. "Through the path of empowerment and enhancement of female entrepreneurship, GammaDonna aims to make gender differences less and less relevant in Italy and abroad. - explains President Valentina Parenti - A challenge we pursue with passion and enthusiasm, to bring out stories of innovation that have overcome all gender stereotypes and are an inspiration to all and sundry. This year's FAB50s tell us how.

My name is Tiziana Tronci and I am CEO of the innovative start-up HPDC- High Performance Die Casting. Digitization and sustainability are the two pillars on which my vision and that of my company is based. The idea starts from a focus on my customers and their needs.

We are talking about aluminum foundries that operate in the automotive sector producing parts for the endothermic engine. With the advent of the electric car, endothermic engines will be replaced by batteries. This means that many foundries will face a drop in demand. And that is precisely where HPDC comes in. This technology of ours can support foundries by reducing the costs of production, maintenance, energy consumption and disposal.

We have equipped these machines with Perpetuo predictive maintenance software that uses AI algorithms to anticipate failures and reduce downtime, because I believe that today the difference in competitiveness is achieved by enhancing the predictive power of data.

I think it is important to combine an entrepreneurial vision with experience gained in the foundry world, and this combination is leading to the transformation of a business model that shifts the focus to customer needs. Today the customer needs solutions in addition to the purchase of the physical asset. So selling the machine together with predictive maintenance software fits within this new business model that sees in the product proposition the need to attach a range of services to it.

Last year I joined the board of Amafond, the trade association for foundry suppliers, bringing an air of innovation. This is the first time since the association was founded 70 years ago that a woman has served on the board.



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