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Italian die-casters keep production process and machine maintenance under control

More and more companies choose Perpetuo - predictive maintenance software

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Perpetuo is the predictive maintenance software, specifically designed for the die casting industry, capable of communicating with any machine or peripheral device in the production cell worldwide, whatever its brand and type.

By using Artificial Intelligence models to identify abnormal behaviour, Perpetuo transforms the data collected by the sensors installed on the equipment or by the machines’ PLCs into meaningful information which can be used for the predictive maintenance of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic parts subject to wear or failure. So far, with around one hundred machines already connected to Perpetuo, it is possible to estimate a reduction in annual downtime of at least 35%.

Interesting and well-known references

One of the first companies to choose Perpetuo was Pressofusione Saccense. “Another foundry which has trusted us,” Tiziana Tronci, Board Member & New Products Development Gefond, explained, “and realized that Perpetuo is a strategic tool able to keep production process management under control, is Alpress”. Among the most recent Costamp Group, which has chosen to connect Perpetuo on all three factories using tool machining equipment and then connect the entire foundry in a second phase which has already been scheduled. "We chose Perpetuo on the machining machines in all our equipment. Thanks to predictive maintenance we want to better manage machinery and anticipate problems in order to reduce downtime and optimize the management of spare parts," says Carlo Corti, Systems Maintenance & Innovation Manager Costamp Group. Predictive maintenance is proving that today the difference in terms of competitiveness can be made by enhancing the predictive power of data.

More and more manufacturers, such as Tecnopres and Wollin, are also choosing Perpetuo to optimize customer service and gain a better understanding of the operation of their systems. "The collaboration between Wollin and Gefond, says Bjorn Wollin, CEO Wollin, is a long-lasting one. The further step forward in this collaboration is represented by the integration of Perpetuo software on the new line of ESM sprayers. After careful analysis and extensive testing, we chose Perpetuo to offer our customers predictive maintenance and even more reliability and efficiency,".


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