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The end of the 2020’s year is coming fast, we would like to take a look back at the important things that happened this year. Let’s forget the Covid-19 situation for a minute and focus on one major event that has shaken up the HPDC market this year, we of course want to talk about the Giga Press project.

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This venture is probably the most exciting and challenging project in which Fondarex has taken part in over the last years. We are very proud to be part of this incredible story. An important moment in the die casting history and for sure a big step ahead for future developments in the foundry community.

The vacuum systems MODULAR CELL 6C 4000 liter tank, visible on the pictures in our workshop in St-Légier – Switzerland, now equip the first 6 Giga Presses in the world. The extreme modularity of this machine has enabled to meet all the needs of the end customer with 6 fully independent vacuum channels connected to the die and setting one channel dedicated to the shot sleeve. The significant evacuation capacity of this vacuum system allows the production of large structural castings that were totally unthinkable a few years ago, and we are even already all set for bigger castings.

Once again, we would like to thank our partners and customers for the trust placed in our expertise, our products and our team during this year and we are looking forward to seeing you in 2021 for new exciting projects. Happy end of year celebrations!

We also have the pleasure to introduce the point of view of IDRA (FSA Partner) on the changes and evaluation of our market. 

Welcome to the Giga Press era, transforming the future of automotive vehicle production...

We are entering into a really exciting phase of development with the use of HPDC (High Pressure Die Casting) as we rapidly move to the global consumerism of electric and new energy vehicles.
Idra once again leads the field in advanced diecasting technology. There are already two Giga Presses in production at the customers’ plant and we will be delivering another two machines before the end of 2020 into Europe. This will be followed by an additional eight machines in 2021 for the production of underbody castings. 

There was a lot of scepticism inside the international foundry community, however on the 20th of August the first batch of mega castings were produced thanks to the new patented Idra 5S injection system. This eliminated any scepticism in the mind of the foundry community.

This new modular form of construction for the underbody of the vehicle has completely changed the expectations of the auto industry. It has been possible to reduce the rear underbody model from seventy components down to one large structural casting.

This not only reduces the cost of one component but by utilising a three-module concept reduces the overall cost of the underbody construction by up to 40%. 

The Idra philosophy remains focused on sustainability and a bright future for the international diecasting community.


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