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Küttner - Groundbreaking ceremony for a new foundry for wind energy castings in Taiwan

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In November 2015, at Yeong Guan Energy Technology Group an impressive groundbreaking ceremony was celebrated at their new premises in Taichung Harbor.

At the new location YGG has invested in a powerful foundry which will set international standards with German technology. YGG placed an order for the planning and delivery of foundry equipment with the Kaohsiung based Küttner Asia Ltd., from which planning and delivery of main components will be provided by Küttner Germany, while steel construction and procurement of standard components is made directly in Taiwan.

The foundry is designed to produce small series of large castings weighing up to 60 tons per piece in several qualities of ductile cast iron.

The foundry will be operated with Mg-treated iron from electric melting furnaces. The moulds will be produced on vibrating tables which allows best compactation of the molding sand. Stationary and mobile continuous whirl mixers of 100 t/h capacity will be installed. The flasks with a weight of up to 450 t and a size of 9.2 x 7.5 m will be transported by cranes operating in tandem and will be emptied on a 90 m2 large station consisting of 4 vibrating shake-out grids. The sand regeneration will be provided by four conventional mechanical processing steps. Due to the tropical climate the reclaimed sand will be cooled to a suitable processing temperature by means of chillers. In a downstream plant the raw castings will be shot blasted in a centralized cabin and subsequently treated in a fettling shop, and finally checked by non-destructive test.

The Taiwanese new plant is focused on achieving the high quality demands for the process, the conservation of resources by low power consumption, and ensuring compliance with the standards of working environment protection by efficient capture of harmful pouring gases.



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