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Magaldi’s technologies to conquer the Middle East market

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Thanks to the availability of low cost energy, raw material and workforce, the Iranian metal casting market is expected to quickly ramp-up in the near future.

To face the growing demand for cast parts, the Iranian boiler manufacturer Chauffagekar Ind. Co. started a development project, looking for dependable technologies able to decrease unpredictable forced shutdowns and to reduce the high maintenance required by traditional chain conveyors.

Magaldi was chosen to supply its Superbelt® technology for moulds handling in order to replace the existing Apron-based conveyor.

The Superbelt® conveyor guarantees an high dependability thanks to the construction features of the belt, a multi-link traction media supported by upper idlers with plates directly attached to a steel mesh. Compared to traditional chain belts (single link), even if the double-wire mesh is severely damaged, the Superbelt® conveyor continues to run without sudden failures, thus allowing plant operators to schedule its maintenance according to operation needs. On the contrary, a failure on a traditional chain conveyor leads to the complete shutdown of the production line.

Moreover, Magaldi belt does not suffer from wear and tear: the absence of chains, pinions and scrapers guarantees a longer service life.

The 30 meters long Superbelt® conveyor supplied to the Iranian foundry allows to easily handle the moulds coming from the punch-out to the shake out and, since the belt runs at a synchronized rate with the moulding line, manipulators are able to safely sort the castings or remove sprues.

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