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Mingzhi Technology lands first core center project in Italy

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Announcing Mingzhi Technology’s first project in Italy of a "core center" for core package production with the cold box isocure process for stainless steel collectors within the motorsports car sector to be installed at Assisi Foundries SpA (former FOM Tacconi SpA).

The project includes a sand preparation plant, a 60-litre core shooter, two core boxes, a gas dosing unit, external robotization for core handling and automatic insertion of sleeves inside of the core box. The core center will allow production of about 60 cycle hours. Assisi Foundries SpA will supply the drying oven and the painting of the cores. The entire core center has been pretested at the Mingzhi Technology factory with the production of cores. Installation at the Assisi spa foundry has been planned to be completed within the first half of this year. Mingzhi Technology has two manufacturing facilities (Suzhou, China and Leipzig, Germany), roughly 700 employees with an annual turnover of about 120 million euros.

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