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New 100% electric core shooter from JML Industrie

JML Industrie has launched their new e-shooter which is both Industry 4.0 compatible and 100% electric.

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The e-shooter is based on a lower static structure with a movable shooting and gassing head. The machine has been designed to provide better access for both cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning time is further reduced due to the absence of a shooting cartridge. 

Simplicity, reliability and low management costs characterize JML equipment. This range of machines are designed to meet the needs of large series production as well as small core workshops. The e-shooter is at the height of technological innovation thanks for the reduction in noise level (max 75 dB), a 30% reduction in operational energy requirements and predictive maintenance. 

Key features of the e-shooter

  • The e-shooter can be used either horizontally or vertically, with split core boxes and different core box materials depending on the requirements of your foundry.
  • The design of the machine ensures a completely closed core box without movement during shooting and gassing. Additionally, the machine doesn't require any kind of foundations or pits.
  • A clear advantage of the e-shooter, compared to traditional core machines, is that it’s more environmentally friendly and Industry 4.0 compatible. Furthermore, the predictive maintenance features and easy access make this a popular choice. 

Technical performance

Producing sand cores with a cycle time of 16 seconds when using a cold box process and a 40L capacity machine with horizontal parting line core boxes, the E-shooter is a valuable investment for your foundry.

Using the EEE solution, 2,397 kWh/a are saved, which can amount to €383 per annum of savings (404g/kWh, 0.16 €/kWh) and a carbon dioxide reduction of 1 t/a.

Book a meeting

If you would like to talk to JML Industrie about how they can help your foundry stay ahead of the competition you can book at meeting using the details below. 

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