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O.M.LER: South Africa is now a Reality

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O.M.LER management is very pleased to announce the signature of the agency agreement with its new South African partner Globen Engineering Services and Supplies (PTY) LTD in the person of Mr. Eric A. Benvenuti.  

The company and Mr. Benvenuti engaged to promote and sell O.M.LER pneumatic decoring hammer among the foundries in the South African territory. The pneumatic decoring hammer is normally used in the automotive industry to remove the sand core from cast iron, aluminium and steel castings, for example from cylinder heads and engine blocks. It can also be used to crumble the ceramic shell produced during the investment casting process. So O.M.LER decoring hammer gives a lot of casting processing opportunities and South Africa offers big chances!

O.M.LER team will give Mr. Benvenuti all the necessary support to achieve new customers in the assigned territory. So good luck Mr. Benvenuti for successful business!

For the South African readers, please contact our agent to get further information:




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