pour-tech AB enhances another production with a new automatic pouring system

As world's only specialist for flexible and individual solutions for automatic pouring on fast greensand molding lines, pour-tech AB was able to gain trust of a giant Swedish truck manufacturer.

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pour-tech's Sales Manager Oliver Schmitz gives an insight into the project and the decision making:

„We at pour-tech AB are proud to cooperate with a well-known brand and the technology leader in the industry. This investment is a new step for automatic pouring on very big flask lines. With the purchased system, the giant will have the needed flexibility in their production to follow the market's needs. Entering into a major and profitable project, both companies are starting a long-time relationship.” - Oliver Schmitz, Sales Manager

The automotive manufacturer purchased an unheated pouring device including pour-tech’s 3D line-laser technology.

The system is capable of controlling the pouring process fully automatic and accomplishing perfect pouring results. Designed in Sweden and built in Germany, the unheated device has a capacity of 5t and is suitable for all iron grades. Pour-tech will ship the it with different sized ladles to provide constant quality of poured iron - even with very different throughputs. Furthermore, the system will be equipped with a semi-automatic ladle elevator. As a result the operator does not have to stay from the dangerous area during filling.

The focus was to bring more flexibility into the pouring process.

To serve the market’s demand of high-quality pouring parts with specific properties, the device is able to change between different alloys (such as LGI, SGI, CGI) as needed. Due to the hydraulic back tilt system the transition between metal grades is fast and easy. Furthermore the system comes with hydraulic legst to lift the entire pouring assembly in the Z direction. Therefore it can accomodate for changing mold heights without changing the pouring conditions.