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10 years pour-tech

The automatic pouring expert pour-tech AB turned 10 years old this year – but what would be a birthday without party?

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With more than 25 years' experience in the foundry business, Manfred Langer, Goran Lowback, Sören Nilson, Oliver Schmitz and Niklas Stigendal founded pour-tech AB as an independent organization in 2011. The headquarter is positioned in Gothenburg, Sweden, where the pourTECH systems are designed and continuously developed. With more than 500 installations world wide pour-tech AB has succeeded in getting knowledge, understanding customer’s needs and building strong relationships. In the mean time the company grew to 18 employees to be able to fulfill the rising demand.

With annual sales of 5,5 mio. €, the General Manager Niklas Stigendal is looking forward to the future:

“We are proud of the success we achieved in 10 years of pour-tech. Thanks to our customers, partners and colleagues we have all together been able to provide solutions that helps to continue being competitive. We see a large request for energy savings we can respond to with our Unheated Pouring ladle with great success. Many of our customers are looking for new iron qualities where the flexibility in the pourTECH pouring unit is essential. Our Automatic pouring systems today are state-of-the-art in accuracy and connectivity and with our AI solution EASYpour™ we will provide even more value for our customers. pour-tech AB look into the future with great confident but with humbleness for the influence of the current situation around us and our customers.“

In the production facilities, the company celebrated its anniversary with German-speaking customers and business partners at Kitzingen, Germany. The special occasion was completed with interesting lectures, exciting discussions, delicious BBQ and a few beer. The conference part covered the topics smelting, metallurgy, metal scrap analysis and innovative service. The presentations were held by Dr. Wolfgang Knothe (Franken Guss GmbH), Tobias Manka (TCT Induktionstechnik GmbH), Oliver Schmitz (pour-tech), Klaus Stinzig (INRO Rohstoffhandel GmbH) and Ingolf Temme (Ingolf Temme Consulting). After the lectures, pour-tech AB’s employees prepared a surprise to the founders of pour-tech AB: a nice, funny video with thanks and congratulations. 

Thanks to pour-tech AB for inviting us to your big day and good luck for your future. May the next 10 years be just as successful.