Sandman - GIFA 2019

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MPM Sandman was an active participant at GIFA 2019, held in June, at Dusseldorf, Germany. The Sandman team was available at Booth C-26, Hall 12 to showcase Sandman and interact with visitors and participants. 

As industries globally capitalize on digitalization using data analytics, cloud computing and industrial Internet of things (IIOT), foundries are beginning to catch up. An ancient and tradition-bound industry is realizing that openness to new thinking and new technology, such as data analytics, 3D printing, machine learning and AI, is inevitable. Sandman seeks to create and build advanced technology-based solutions for the casting industry to overcome persistent challenges in additive dosing, molding sand optimization, repetitive rejections, and more. Add to that the pressing need to do whatever we can to preserve our planet by reducing sand and molding additives to the optimised minimum levels.



Sandman (MPM Infosoft Private Limited)

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