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Seneca Foundry Sees Benefits of Barinder Grinder

In 2019, Seneca Foundry, located in Webster City, Iowa, purchased a X7i-FDH22R-455GR-C Barinder, an innovative, high speed, automated grinder that dramatically reduces finishing time and labor costs. Seneca Foundry was established by the McCullough family over 110 years ago and is mainly a gray and ductile iron job shop.

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Previously, Seneca was manually grinding all their castings and had a lack of labor in the cleaning room. Seneca realized it was time to switch over to an automated system and began researching what equipment would work best for their company.  

Jeff Vorhies, Sales Engineer at Seneca stated, "When Seneca was looking into investing a machine that automated grinding, we were looking for a machine that was easy to program, easy to change over and offered flexibility."

Sinto was excited to be chosen to help Seneca with the transition from manual grinding to automated grinding. 
"One of the reasons that we decided to go with the Sinto brand was the ease of programmability of the machine. We are able to program and develop fixtures for each one of our part numbers." -Lori Mason, President of Seneca Foundry.

The Barinder's easy-to-learn programming is designed to be intuitive and allows the operator to teach the machine to automatically perform the same operations that would otherwise be performed manually.

"With Sinto, you don't have to have a programming degree or have gone to college. It is pretty simple. We did three days on-site training with Sinto and just from that little bit of time, we have not had any issues programming. Haven't come across any real difficulties that we could not get past." -Alex Brown, Process Engineer, Seneca Foundry.

Over the last year, Seneca has found the benefits of the Barinder Grinder to be well worth the purchase. They are able to grind castings with the Barinder in half the time they could with traditional hand grinding.

"You know the machine sets the pace, so when an operator is working on a casting, setting the fixture in and it’s ready to go- production wise we've seen more of a leveling," said Mason. "The bottom line of Seneca Foundry has definitely been positively impacted by the Barinder. The safety aspects of it, the easability of training for operators, and programming multiple parts to get the job done quicker has helped us reduce some of our overall operating costs. The Barinder has allowed us to be more consistent in the product we give to the customer from a quality aspect."

When asked about working with Sinto, Jeff stated that, "Our experience with the Sinto team has been very positive and has been very good in both the research phase and after the purchase of the machine. Sinto is looking forward to partnering with Seneca! To learn more about Seneca Foundry, visit their website here.


  • Automatic grinding-deburring machine for small to medium size castings
  • Suitable for grinding inside and outside of complex castings
  • Quick change out of fixtures, programs & tools (less than 5 minutes)
  • Simple & easy programming and operation for maximum uptime
  • 2-Position servo pallet changer
  • Rotating main diamond wheel with pivoting small diamond pencil tool
  • Long lasting diamond tools save operation costs and dust generation
  • High speed and efficient processing enables productivity and a high finishing quality
  • OPTIONS: Pencil tools available in various configurations, air cooler, complete robotic load and unload integration and vision systems that can be applied to maximize throughput and minimize labor



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