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Simpson Releases Revolutionary Digital Pneumatic Compactability Tester

Digital Pneumatic Sand Rammer,

Model 42160

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Aurora, Illinois - For nearly a century, compactability was measured using a traditional three-ram sand rammer.  This method was originally invented in order to simulate the jolt-and-squeeze machines that were commonplace 70+ years ago.  With the advent of automatic molding machines that compact the sand via a squeezing movement and automatic muller control systems that control compactability via a squeezing motion, a more indicative method needed to be developed.  Thus, the pneumatic squeezer was developed using the same sliding scale as the traditional rammer and an additional analog monometer that displayed the variable squeeze pressure.

Model 42160
Digital Pneumatic Squeezer

The Digital Pneumatic Sand Rammer, Model 42160 has taken this basic design many steps forward.  This new design digitally displays on a backlit LCD not only the compactability to the nearest tenth, but also the squeeze pressure, date & time, actual sample height and has a user interface to input the sample weight and molding line/sample location.  This simple user interface and its infallible operation help to insure that the compactability reading truly reflects the molding machine conditions without the traditional variations caused by the operator.  Furthermore, the calibration of the 42160 can be performed by the operator via the same mechanical load cell that calibrates many of the other Simpson + Gerosa laboratory devices.

The 42160 is available in both AFS (part number: 0042160-asm) and Metric (part number: 0042160-M-ASM) versions and all required accessories including the stripping post, specimen tube, tube swab, pneumatic regulator/oiler and tubing are supplied.

Note:  Equipment requires electrical connection (100-240VAC, 50/60Hz) and compressed air (6.5 bar/94psi)

This device is the first in the next generation of computer interfaced sand lab equipment.  It includes a port that will soon be able to transmit the results from every test performed to a central computer via a wireless Bluetooth® connection.  The software will automatically populate the popular Microsoft Excel program with real-time data from the various Simpson+Gerosa devices.

About Simpson Technologies Corporation

Simpson Technologies, founded in 1912, is a five generation family business concentrated on the design and manufacture of technology and services for the worldwide metal casting and chemical process industries.  Primary products include batch and continuous mixing equipment, molding sand coolers, on-line mixer controls, core sand preparation systems, shell sand preparation plants, sand reclamation systems, sand laboratory equipment and foundry system design, engineering and automation systems.  Simpson Technologies has operations in Aurora, IL USA; Saltillo, Mexico; Steinhausen, Switzerland; Calcutta, India and Changzhou, China.

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