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The new frontier of temperature control units for light alloy foundries: HPDC by Gefond

Gefond looks towards the future with the production of the new HPDC by Gefond temperature control units.

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HPDC by Gefond, with its line of temperature control units, looks to the future of the manufacturing industry as the ideal technology to combine with water-free lubrication and the production of structural castings. Thanks to the multi-channel function, it is possible to thermoregulate moulds with a flexibility and efficiency that cannot be achieved with conventional thermoregulation. 

All the control units are ready for predictive maintenance thanks to PERPETUO, the first intuitive and easy-to-use artificial intelligence software created in the foundry for the foundry, the only one able to dialogue with any machine and peripheral of the diecasting cell.

High performance combined with energy saving, process optimisation and predictive maintenance

HPDC by Gefond produces water and multi-circuit cooling and temperature control systems for industrial applications. Based on Greenbox technology, HPDC by Gefond develops a complete line of machines dedicated to light alloy foundries.

The HPDC by Gefond control units represent a decisive step forward towards the use of energy-saving technologies, guaranteeing fundamental operational advantages in addition to energy savings, such as longer mould life, better casting quality and reduced cycle time. All this translates into savings and increased productivity.

The complete HPDC line by Gefond

GreenCasting, 400 and 600: temperature control unit also ideal for minimal lubrication and structural castings
Greencasting mini the concentrated power: energy saving and process optimisation
Greenjet for jetcooling technology: high-pressure multi-zone temperature controller for plugs and micro-channels 
Greenshell for low pressure and gravity: multi-circuit systems with high cooling power

Targeted heat management

The innovative technology consists of targeted and synchronised heat removal circuit by circuit, unlike traditional temperature control which consists of constantly circulating a fluid (water or oil) at a constant temperature in the mould. 
HPDC by Gefond is the result of an analysis of most diecasting plants during production: the heat input of the aluminium to the mould is normally sufficient to keep it warm and it is therefore unnecessary to heat the thermoregulation fluid during normal production. 

Advantages in production

The possibility of differentiating the thermoregulation in the various zones of the mould, combined with greater heat removal, allows the lubrication cycle to be reduced, thus increasing productivity and limiting the costs of waste disposal.
In addition, an increase in productivity of between 12% and 14% has been verified, thanks also to the reduction in waste and downtime associated with mould maintenance. Last but not least, savings were made by eliminating oil from the process.

Sustainability and digitalisation

The HPDC by Gefond temperature control units represent: sustainability thanks to the patented energy saving technology that allows to save up to 85% of electricity compared to traditional control units; digitalisation thanks to the possibility of integrating Perpetuo, the first software for predictive maintenance in foundries, on each machine. 

Innovative cooling systems: Gefond's challenge to support new trends in the manufacturing industry

Gefond, through its innovative technical solutions, supports the trends in the manufacturing industry as it prepares to face the challenges of the sector.

1994 Since its foundation, GEFOND has distinguished itself in the die-casting sector by representing leading suppliers and distributing technologically advanced equipment to foundries working mainly for the automotive industry.

2016 GEFOND starts selling the temperature control units produced by Greenbox.

In just a few years, the market has recognised in these control units a real added value both in terms of production and return on investment.

2020 Acquires the patent and know-how from Greenbox and starts its own production in order to be closer and more flexible to customer needs.


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