US - New CEO, president appointed at Dotson Iron Castings

Dotson Iron Castings announced Monday it has appointed its fifth CEO and president since 1923.

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Current CEO Jean Bye, who has been with the company for over 45 years, has served as CEO since 2010, but will soon be transitioning to the role of executive chair of the board.

Tyson Twait will fill the role of CEO and president, with a starting date scheduled for Aug. 3.

“There has only been four presidents of the company since my grandfather came in 1923. Each of these individuals made an incredible mark on the company and its employees,” Chairman Denny Dotson said. “It has been a pleasure to support Jean Bye as CEO for the past 10 years. She has guided our foundry to become one of the best in the world. I am sure Tyson, as the fifth president, will have an equally impressive tenure in the ever-changing world of manufacturing. Tyson, and the leadership team at Dotson Iron Castings are up for the challenge and with all the talented employees, I’m confident they will succeed.”

Tyson joined Dotson Iron Castings as the Chief Financial Officer in 2018. Before working at Dotson, he held senior leadership roles in several large corporations where he was responsible for accounting, finance and risk management, among other things.

“I am very honored and excited to take on this role,” said Twait. “Denny, Jean and the Dotson team have built an incredible business. I look forward to helping lead Dotson into the next chapter.”

Bye, who has long said that she could not leave the post of CEO until she was confident the organization would be in great hands, said she looks forward to stepping back from the day-to-day activities of the company.

“I have long said I could not step back until I knew the organization was in great hands. That time is now. I have complete confidence in the team going forward,” Bye stated. “I will enjoy stepping back from the day to day tactical activities and being able to direct and watch the strategy unfold from my new position as executive chair.”

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