USA - Thousands of new auto jobs expected in west Alabama

Lesedauer: min

Thousands of automotive jobs are coming to west Alabama but to get those jobs, you will require technical skill and training.

They're jobs with current and future automotive parts suppliers for companies like Mercedes Benz US International.

Donny Jones, COO for the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, says training for those jobs is already underway.

"What we're seeing with the power grant and the $1.5 million we'll have an adult education component in K through 12 and preparing people for the jobs coming available here in West Alabama," Jones said.

The positions are coming available as Mercedes ramps up for a new SUV that will be built in its Vance plant.

"If you look at some of the new suppliers and other things that are coming on in the local area, there's a couple of new suppliers building plants just down the street from us. That's going to provide more employment opportunities for the local area," according to MBUSI President and CEO Jason Hoff.

Those jobs are expected to come available in the next 18 to 24 months.

The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama is planning a summer marketing blitz to let people know how to apply for those jobs.