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Vulcan adds significant positions to enhance growth in domestic & global markets

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Over the past several months Vulcan Engineering Co. has implemented multiple staff additions to support customer demand in growth markets, improve response times for sales inquiries and to enhance delivery and service capabilities:

To China Operations we have added additional Electrical Engineers to existing  operational staff to support increased activities in installation and startup of equipment and systems and to improve service response to the rapidly growing customer base.

In Mexican Operations we have added positions in both Sales and Controls Engineering to support primarily automotive related growth.

In our EU Operations we have enhanced resources to improve focus on Sales and Service activities in Investment Casting and Aerospace markets as well with equipment deliveries supported by North American Operations.

Finally, in our North American Operation Center in Helena, Alabama we have increased staffing over 50% in engineering, technical, service and manufacturing resources’ to support the overall growth in significant domestic and worldwide projects.

Vulcan Engineering is a capital equipment provider focused on design and manufacture of proprietary equipment, supply of full service design engineering, project management and systems integration.  We provide solutions oriented engineering, equipment and manufacturing services to heavy manufacturing industries worldwide.  Vulcan specializes in the development of leading edge technology, equipment and techniques utilized in casting manufacture and processing, holding numerous patents for equipment and robotic automation technology.  Our Customers range from aerospace super alloy and medical implant manufacturers, to OEM automotive, complex and commodity casting producers, bulk ingot and rolled specialty steel and exotic alloys suppliers.

Vulcan’s proprietary product lines include:  Fox Grinders, MidWest Grinders, Action Manipulators, Robots & Impactors, Donovan & Vulcan Mold Handlers, green sand VertiCoolers, resin and dry sand MD Coolers.  Vulcan is also the world leader in Lost Foam Casting Systems providing exclusive, leading edge, compaction technology.


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