WFO World Foundry Summit 2022: CEOs Reshaping the Foundry Industry

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The World Foundry Organization is delighted to be hosting a World Foundry Summit in New York, USA, on the 9th and 10th of May

This is an invitation only event, focused on the presence of owners and CEOs of foundry businesses both casting producers and suppliers, to meet, network and learn.

The event will see world renowned and highly respected speakers making presentations on key topics of interest to the global castings sector, talking on strategy and policy in areas of energy, management and economics.

An excellent opportunity to be at the foundry strategy event of the year, where CEOs and foundry owners can meet with like minded people and the top executives of the industry stakeholders.

The World Foundry Organization

With over 30 member countries from all regions of the world, the World Foundry Organization (WFO) has access to a network of vital foundry knowledge that is gathered and shared to enhance the worldwide foundry industry.

Topic Highlights

  • Lessons doing a leveraged buyout of a major foundry
  • GM’s view on how casting requirements will change
  • What the foundry industry will look like in 2040
  • IoT and 4.0 benefits at a jobbing foundry
  • What’s happening now across the global metalcasting industry
  • Benefits of a net zero business strategy
  • Technology trends in the automotive industry
  • Strategies for developing international business
  • What’s ahead for the trucking OEMs
  • Insights on the global economic climate
  • Role of hydrogen in climate neutral




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