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Winoa improves Total Cost of Blasting (TCB)

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Thanks to its 50 years of experience, Winoa is able to reduce its customers' blasting costs by offering a full technical approach: specific ranges of products, technologies and services dedicated to its customer application.

Linked with full technical support provided by 21 application experts, Winoa can provide technical service around the world as in China through its subsidiary Shanghai Murga Steel Abrasives or in Taiwan with its subsidiary, Winoa Taiwan.

Winoa & W Abrasives technical teams demonstrate to customers that cost reduction is not a fantasy and become reality for them by developing WA COST technology in the field of blasting to validate and achieve global customer benefits.

Major customers in the foundry market have already trust in the Winoa expertise, combining: 1/ the use of a dedicated Premium product: HYBRID SHOT

By monitoring machine wear it helps to reduce maintenance costs while at the same time achieving remarkable performance in terms of cleaning:

- Low machine wear
- Higher efficiency than shots
- Suitable for complex shape castings

2/ the technical expertise approach: the seven steps

The W Abrasives teams approached a cast iron foundry customer to propose him a customized solution and allow him blasting cost reduction. The customer, producing 800 tons per month of manholes and other miscellaneous parts for civil and road works, is running a 16 wheel continuous hanger machine which consumes 300 tons per year of S550. Initially, 65% of this volume was supplied by one of Winoa sister company, the rest by a local competition.

The customer had too much re-blasting on some products which considerably increased its costs. Thus he needed a more efficient product to reduce his re-blasting rate, without increasing the maintenance cost.

The Premium product Hybrid Shot, specially designed to reduce overall blasting cost through a combination of high cleaning efficiency and low machine wear has been introduced.

Hybrid Shot introduction through the complete Premium approach: use the concept of the 7 steps

In addition to the high performances of Hybrid Shot (better efficiency than S550 with limited impact on machine wear), our technical support has allowed to:

• Reduce maintenance costs thought:

- Hot spot check with WA CAM (innovative technology which allows visual and precise identification of the real position of hot points generated by the turbines, but also visualization of preferential wear zones on the machines)
- Reduction of sand content in the operating mix - from 4 wt% to 0.5 wt% - through air separator fine tuning)

• Increase efficiency of the machine (hot spot check with thermal camera + adjustment of operating mix size distribution - rejection size decreased from 0.85 mm to 0.6 mm - through air separator fine tuning)

This approach allowed the following customer benefits:

Winoa and its W Abrasives teams have become the customer’s privileged supplier!



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