Wollin at the GIFA

The mechanical engineering company Wollin GmbH from Lorch presented its innovations at the foundry trade fair GIFA in Düsseldorf, which takes place every 4 years.

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Wollin supplies peripheral equipment for the die casting industry and is the market and technology leader in the field of spraying equipment for die casting machines.

The highlights shown are a newly developed, maintenance-friendly ESM (Efficient Spray Machine) mould spraying machine and the associated PC3 machine control system, which has also been newly developed. This offers the complete industry 4.0 integration and, thanks to "internet of things", enables operation by the die casting machine or by using a tablet or mobile phone.

Also in great demand was the patented EcoSpray tool exhibited, which can be used to achieve enormous savings in fresh and waste water. In the classic spraying process required to remove the castings from the mould, several litres of water/release agent mixture were sprayed (up to 20 litres depending on the mould), which can be reduced to a few millilitres of release agent thanks to EcoSpray. The modified casting process also allows major savings to be made on compressed air and electricity, as well as an extension of mould life by up to 200%. 

In addition to purely economic effects for Wollin customers, this also has a lasting positive impact on the environment and the climate. 


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