Wollin GmbH

Kiesäckerstraße 23, D-73547 Lorch, Germany


Wollin is a medium-sized family business and offers innovative and reliable products in the field of spray technology for die casting foundries, as well as automation technology and special machines.

Wollin has been on the market for over 40 years and supplies its automation products to over 40 countries worldwide. Thanks to its 70 highly qualified and experienced employees in development, service and production, as well as its quality and reliability, Wollin enjoys an excellent reputation - worldwide!

Wollin is the world leader especially in micro-spraying, called "EcoSpray" by Wollin. The system developed by Wollin has been used successfully in many die casting foundries since 2009. 

Productivity increases with this patented technology are particularly possible in the production of structural parts. Meanwhile, Wollin customers have also successfully used this technology in series production of classic components such as engine blocks. Especially in the highly competitive automotive sector, more and more die casting foundries are now relying on Wollin EcoSpray to achieve cost savings through the above-mentioned advantages.



Worldwide Representatives:


Kiesäckerstraße 23
D-73547 Lorch

Telefon +49 (0) 7172 - 9105-0
Website www.wollin.de

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