Starting a New Journey Together | The New YIZUMI Website Is On!

YIZUMI's new website has been officially launched on January 1st, 2023 after a year of well preparation.

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YIZUMI's new website ( has been officially launched on January 1st, 2023 after a year of well preparation, which has undergone a thorough visual and functional upgrade to improve the user experience and the quality of our services. We believe that it will eventually create a new link between customers and us.

YIZUMI co-create this new website with the top team in China, where you can feel our brand colors everywhere. Meanwhile, there are significant improvements in the overall design style and layout as compared to the previous version. We embrace the in-vogue design aesthetic and add the day and night functionalities to enhance the design as a whole.

In order to bring customers a more convenient and high-quality user experience, all types of information are reclassified and integrated, with a better distribution and a clear view of vital information. The seven new categories help users to better navigate and take advantage of our services more quickly.

For example, if you want to learn more about YIZUMI, including our industry ranking, enterprise strategy, YIZUMI global, YIZUMI green, social responsibility, media center, and other essential details, "About YIZUMI" will show you an all-around profile.

This amazing appearance of YIZUMI's new website not only represents our bold attempt at digital empowerment, but also marks that our online business has entered a new level of development. In the future, it will also be a great platform for us to display our brand image and better deliver one-stop high quality services and more valuable information to visitors.


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