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On October 4-6, the 2021 Die Casting Congress & Exposition (NADCA 2021) will be held at the Indiana Convention Center Indianapolis, IN. The exhibition is the largest and most professional annual event in the North American die casting industry and is expected to attract more than 120 exhibitors.

YIZUMI-HPM will introduce the core performance and highlights of the new LEAP series die casting machine and the HII-S series cold chamber die casting machine in detail at the exhibition while explaining to customers how those machines can help improve production efficiency.

The LEAP series die casting machine is our brand-new flagship product launched by YIZUMI in July 2021. The overall performance of the LEAP technology promises customers world class die casting. The 1250T LEAP series machine presented at CHINA DIECASTING 2021 Exhibition this year was a highlight of this year`s show in Shanghai. Now the new LEAP series die casting technology will begin its overseas tour and will be presented at the NADCA show.

Developed in close cooperation with European die casting experts, the new generation LEAP series features a state-of-the-art injection system as well as a modern control system with intuitive graphic display. A revamped clamping system and an innovative energy-saving hydraulic drive group, make the LEAP an efficient die casting solution with highest process reliability. It easily meets the requirements of aluminum alloys for high-end auto parts such as gearbox housings or structural parts and is well suited for magnesium alloy- and semi-solid metal casting applications.

In 2016, YIZUMI launched the H series die casting machine, whose superior performances have won recognition from many customers around the world. Based on the detailed study and analysis of the die casting process and in close collaboration between the YIZUMI R&D team and selected European die casting experts we are proud to introduce to the market our second generation of H series die casting machines – the HII-S. 

The enhanced HII-S series cold chamber die casting machine features significantly improved injection precision and process-consistency performance. A re-engineered closing-end adds to a higher overall equipment stability and improves cycle times while the increased platen rigidity supports a higher tool service life.  Our brand-new HII series provides customers with more precise injection control and higher repeatability in order to meet international casting quality standards with a competitive OEE.

YIZUMI HII-S Series Die Casting Machine

We are proud to exhibit our LEAP Injection system with its new, easy to operate control system at the show in Indianapolis this year. Our YIZUMI-HPM team is looking forward to introducing the new developments and technical innovations to you face to face.

YIZUMI is committed to providing the best cost-effective solutions based on leading technology to our customers.  

YIZUMI-HPM booth: 824, NADCA, looking forward to your visit!  

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