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Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science is a global company within the Hitachi High-Tech Group. The company is headquartered in Oxford, UK, with R&D and assembly operations in Finland, Germany and China, and sales and support operations in several countries around the world.

We offer a range of stationary and mobile optical emission spectrometers (OES) for seamless quality control and metals analysis throughout the metals industry, from tramp element analysis in scrap metal, to incoming inspection, melt process control and quality control.

Stationary OES range for elemental analysis in process control and metals QA/QC:

  • OE Series for high-demand metals analysis
  • FM EXPERT low level nitrogen analysis
  • FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart as entry level OES

Mobile OES range for PMI analysis, and sorting of metals:

  • PMI-MASTER Smart as portable laboratory
  • PMI-MASTER Pro2 for PMI analysis on the go

Handheld analyzers for non-destructive analysis of incoming and outgoing goods:

  • X-MET8000 (handheld XRF) for rapid alloy grade identification
  • Vulcan+ (handheld LIBS) for extremely fast metals sorting or PMI quality control


Wellesweg 13
47589 Uedem

Telefon +49 2825 9383-0

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