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Kurtz Ersa is a technology corporation with a tradition of more than 240 years. Our three areas of business – Electronics Production Equipment, Moulding Machines and Automation – offer innovative solutions for the manufacturing industry. As technology leader with 15 facilities and production plants in Germany, China and in the USA, Kurtz Ersa repeatedly sets new standards, thereby raising the productivity of its customers to higher levels. Since 1982, Kurtz GmbH has been producing foundry machines. Kurtz enjoys an excellent reputation as expert in low pressure and gravity casting machines as well as for trimming presses. Especially suppliers of the automotive industry benefit from individually planned, cost-saving and reliable Kurtz machines. Technologies of Kurtz Automotive optimize the production of chassis parts and ensure a sustainable future in the long term

In the field of low pressure casting, Kurtz provides low pressure casting machines which are operated with permanent moulds and casting machines for sand, plaster or ceramic moulds – so called "lost moulds". Both aluminium and magnesium alloys can be cast with a Kurtz low pressure casting machine. Low pressure casting is one of the most efficient processes for manufacturing chassis parts in series production – especially with multiple cavities and multiple riser tubes. It is energy efficient, offers high availability and delivers top quality with minimal scrap rates.

For small batch sizes, special materials and complex geometries, additive manufacturing plays to its strength. Its tool-free production is the fastest way from the idea to the production of the metal part. Without any limits in design, the part can be printed according to your individual requirements to get exactly the application you need. Find out more about our metallic 3d laser printer Kurtz Ersa Alpha 140 – a plug'n produce machine with best price-performance ratio.

The machine concept of Kurtz trimming presses includes the Kurtz KPC line of so called C-frame presses and the Kurtz KPS line as 4-column version, available with or without sliding-tilting table. You can be sure to have safe, efficient and reproducible trimming processes due to the perfect interaction of fast hydraulics, precise mechanics, reliable measuring systems and comfortable machine control. Press force ranges from 50 t to 300 t, subject to model and layout.

From project planning and commissioning up to maintenance, from stand-alone machines up to entire plants. Kurtz GmbH always focuses on the entire process and already thinks of an optimized mould parting line for efficient trimming when designing and developing a casting mould or machine. If requested, both casting machines and trimming presses are available as fully automated systems. All components and modules are optimally matched to one another. At Kurtz the customer obtains planning, engineering, process and mould technology, melting and furnace technology, automation, peripherals as well as complete casting lines. Kurtz Automotive Solutions stand out by their technological lead, reliability, high availability and profitability.

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  • Low-pressure casting machines for permanent moulds, sand, ceramic and plaster moulds, suitable for aluminium and magnesium
  • Furnace exchange systems
  • Gravity and tiltable gravity casting machines for aluminium
  • Trimming presses in C-frame design, column or frame version
  • Trimming presses with sliding-tilting table
  • Trimming tools
  • Pre-processing machinery
  • Automation
  • Turnkey solutions (consultation, planning, construction, engineering)
  • Services and accessories


Frankenstr. 2 (Industriegebiet Wiebelbach)
D-97892 Kreuzwertheim

Telefon +49 9342 / 807-0

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