Trennex - Geiger + Co. Schmierstoff-Chemie GmbH

Austraße 45–45e, 74008 Heilbronn, Germany



  • Peripheral equipment and auxiliary materials for die casting
  • Lubricants
  • Release agents for die-casting
  • Operating and auxiliary materials for die-casting

Company profile:

For more than 40 years we successfully develop, manufacture, and sell Trennex® release agents and lubricants for non-ferrous metal pressure diecasting. We have specialized on these products in order to offer the diecasters excellent performance.

Product range Trennex:

Die Lubricants

  Water Based

   • Aluminium
    Trennex W 3351 Series [Wax-free]
    Trennex W 3325 Series [Wax reduced]
    Trennex W 7000
    Trennex W 8-er Serie
    Trennex 143 WL [Polysiloxan-free]
     Trennex W3218 [Polysiloxan-free]
    Trennex W3271

   • Magnesium
    Trennex W 1611 Mg
    Trennex W 1630 Mg

   • Zink
    Trennex 143 / lll WL
    Trennex 3218/5

  Oil Based

   • Aluminium
    Paste form
     Trennex AL 
     Trennex ALSI [Paste form]
     Trennex 3282 [Paste form]
     Trennex VP 64/4 [Liquid]
     Trennex 3000

   • Magnesium
    Trennex VM 3009

   • Zink
    Trennex DECO ZN [Liquid]
    Trennex VM 951 ZN [Liquid]
    Trennex 3098 ZN [Liquid]


   • Aluminium
    Trennex P23
    Trennex P28

   • Magnesium 
    Trennex P13
 Plunger lubricants

  Water Based
   Trennex Automatic 970 WL

  Oil Based
   • Paste form
    Trennex 854 G [Graphite containing]
   • Liquid
    Trennex Automatic 800 G [Graphite containing]
    Trennex Automatic 899 [Graphite-free]
    Trennex Automatic 899 / ll [Graphite-free]
    Trennex Automatic 3099 [Graphite containing]

   Trennex 920 Granulat
   Trennex 925 G Granulat [Graphite containing]
   Trennex 930 G Granulat [Graphite containing]
   Trennex 950 Granulat
   Trennex 960 Granulat
   Trennex 990 Granulat

Trennex worldwide:

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Austraße 45–45e
74008 Heilbronn

Telefon +49 (07131) 1563-0

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