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Suzhou Weijing

Suzhou Weijing Automation Co., Ltd, established in 2008, is a professional manufacturer of Casting Degating Machines---Casting Degating Hammer, Foundry Wedge Breaker. Suzhou  Weijing has already provide more than 630 sets machine to near 300 foundries in only past 10 years, most in China. 

Weijing Degating Hammer

Weijing Degating Hammer is especially designed to knock off risers, feeders, gates, sprues from steel casting, Ductile iron and Nodular iron casting. Comparing to sledge hammer, flame cutting, Casting Degating Hammer doesn't damage casting products, and is more safer, quicker and environment friendly.

All Suzhou Weijing Degating Hammers have a quick switch to change between low and high air pressure. This function gives users better control during degating, increasing safety. In order to save future maintenance cost for users, Suzhou Weijing designed the cylinder to use lubricated air rather than operating with springs, which avoids the need for parts replacement. Using compressed air via FRL in the cylinder rather than direct air eliminates dust contamination and wear on the seals.

All these unique designs are for one purpose --- to provide a premium quality product for end users. Since Suzhou Weijing does not just sell the equipment, but also finds it important to bring unique values to its customers and save unnecessary costs for users.

Weijing Foundry Wedge Breaker

Weijing Foundry Wedge Breakers are the ideal tools to separate risers, feeders, gates, sprues from Grery Iron Casting, Ductile iron and Nodular iron casting. Comparing to hammer hitting, flame cutting, Foundry Wedge Breaker doesn't damage casting products, and is more safer, quicker and environment friendly.

One key point is No matter you want to real VERTICAL break risers on conveyor belts or floor, or you need to de-gate castings horizontally, Suzhou Weijing can provide the suitable wedge machines to you, since we have unique structure design of central wedges to meet your application requirement. 

What Weijing Believes

Since Weijing people strong believe THE SUITABLE IS THE BEST, it is not a problem money can solve, it is based on first hand KNOW-HOW and KNOW-WHY application knowledge. Thanks to China for its Top 1 casting production in past years, Weijing has the opportunities to experience various degating situation in the past years and gain lot of knowledge from real onsite application. 

Casting Degating Problems - Please Come To Weijing! 


No.59, Jinsigang road
Suzhou, Jiangsu

Telefon +86 153 0612 4775

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