China's ConMet-Xin foundry relies on Weijing degating hammer

We are curious why this is so

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Last week, 2 new sets Weijin Degating Hammer started running at Shandong ConMet-Xin foundry.

ConMet-Xin foundry is controlled by ConMet (US company) with 70% of shares, and ShangDong HaoXing Group with 30% shares.
ConMet-Xin mainly produce components for heavy duty truck, such as wheel hubs, brake drums.

It is not the first time for Weijing to provide pneumatic hammer to ConMet-Xin foundry. First 4 sets hammer were sent in 2019, then 2 sets repeatedly purchased in 2021, plus this time 2 set, now there are 8 sets Weijing Impact Hammer in total at ConMet-Xin foundry.WEIJING is proud for the multi-choosing of ConMet-Xin foundry.

In fact, Weijing hammer was not the first pneumatic hammer ConMet-Xin selected at beginning. ConMet-Xin found Weijing hammer at Metal China 2019 exhibition and purchased 4 sets after a few months background checking. After two years operating, ConMet-Xin was satisfied with Weijing hammer's performance since no any issues happened in past years and quite easy to operate. Then ConMet-Xin foundry decided to purchase 2 sets Weijing hammer to replace the old ones.

The Weijing hammer success story 

It is not only foundry which experienced this impression on Weijing degating hammer's quality, there many foundries who have Weijing impacting hammer, because meanwhile the price is also absolutely gratifying and competitive. 

Weijing can provide a wide range of 10 models degating hammer. It covers from 500 Joules to 28,000 Joules at 6 bars air pressure. The impacting power can break the neck size from 35 mm /1.37 inch to 350 mm/13.77 inch. No matter the small auto parts your foundry makes or the huge windmill components you cast, Weijing always can provide the suitable hammer to you. No matter the SG iron castings you produce or the manganese steel/chrome steel castings you have, Weijing hammers always can degate them easily. From this point of view Weijing pneumatic hammer can be your friend and  helper. 



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