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100 Years of Innovation in Metal Flow Engineering

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Vesuvius, a global leader in molten metal flow engineering, this year celebrates its 100th anniversary. Foseco, the Foundry Division of the Vesuvius Group, was established in the UK in 1932 and is a world-leading supplier of products and services to the metalcasting industry. Ever since Vesuvius opened for business in 1916 with a mission to produce the most effective clay graphite crucibles, it has pioneered new developments to meet the needs of its customers. Founded in Pittsburgh by the Arensburg brothers and their friend Arthur Jackman, the company was able to respond to the huge increases in demand for steel production to produce armaments for WW1. 100 years later, Vesuvius is the undisputed market and technology leader in flow control systems for the steel industry.

The history of Foseco, the company’s foundry division, is also a story of innovation. In Birmingham, UK in 1932, Eric Weiss and Dr Kossy Strauss set up Foundry Services Ltd – the company that would become Foseco. Dr Strauss was a chemist, and with Eric Weiss on the commercial side, their mission was to provide products and services that truly supported the foundry industry. They began with six flux products that they improved iteratively as they learned more about their customers. In the 1940s, Foseco developed Feedex powder and Ferrux anti-piping covers, and in subsequent decades followed up with innovations such as KALMINEX and FEEDEX exothermic sleeves, SEDEX, STELEX and SIVEX foam filters, world leading solvent and water based coatings, FDU rotary degassing and the INITEK ductile iron process. 

Today, Vesuvius continues to lead innovation in the steel and foundry industries, with 17 research and development centres, including the brand-new Global Foundry R&D Centre at Enschede. The company has also established a technical services division to explore new ways of integrating continuous data capture into its solutions to give customers the insights they need.