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  • Aalener Barbara Colloquium 2018

    "How do 3D printing and electromobility change pro...Full article

  • Motorists still remaining true to the comb...

    Continental Mobility Study 2018Full article

  • JML Industrie expands its European operati...

    A new Italian subsidiary and additional covered wo...Full article

  • Elkem Foundry Products sets new record in ...

    At the iron foundry Sakabe in Japan, Elkem Fo...Full article

  • Markets for Steel and Aluminium Scrap

    The Phoenix from the MeltFull article

  • Tinker Omega Sinto President receives E.J....

    Wil Tinker, President of Tinker Omega Sinto, was r...Full article

  • UK - Giant bronze sculpture will be larges...

    An artist is creating the UK’s largest cast bronze...Full article


Imagevideo Kurtz Foundry Machines...



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