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Diecasting-Dialoque Issue January | Euroguss 2024

Between giga- and megacastings and the call for St. Barbara
Light metal casting in transformation

When St. Barbara is commemorated at the beginning of December in predominantly Christian Europe, this also concerns our foundry world, as Barbara is still considered the patron saint of foundries. According to legend, she is honored because of her special fortitude and steadfastness, which brings us directly to the present.

Light metal casting today is focused on the transformation of mobility, the demands of climate change and a significantly changed global economy and is looking for answers and resilience.

EUROGUSS 2024 in Nuremberg comes at just the right time, because the event offers the stage that our industry needs right now. The aim is to show how innovative and relevant companies in the die casting sector and their suppliers are and how science and engineering are constantly evolving. The extraordinary relevance of almost all cast parts for our daily lives and especially for the challenges of transformation and digitalization requires a strong and competitive European die casting industry. The keywords here are resilience and innovation, but also social and political support. Let us protect the good structures, expertise and efficiency of European companies with the virtues of St. Barbara and embrace the competition for innovation.

The development of giga- or megacastings with die-casting cells, which already offer over 12,000 tons of clamping force, was presented at EUROGUSS a few years ago and ridiculed by many. The significant development in this area, as well as in other processes involving light metals, should wake us up, even if we have different opinions on the subject, because technological openness is the order of the day, and not just for engines. I wish our readers a successful EUROGUSS 2024, let's get to work with enthusiasm, courage and determination.

Glückauf yours

Thomas Fritsch | Editor-in-Chief

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GIFA-Dialogue 2023

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Dear readers, business partners and friends,

We are looking forward to GIFA 2023 in Düsseldorf, without fuss or quibble, but full of positive expectations.

What I wish is to meet you once again or for the very first time - the people from the international foundry industry, the foundries, and mechanical engineering companies itself, the engineers, the developers, the universities, the service companies, consultants, associations, and casting buyers from all over the world.

These days are all about strengthening our foundry industry, and they are also about protecting the planet. Achieving our climate goals will only succeed if casting production is sufficient, climate- friendly, and reliable.

For this, we need castings from all processes to find the best and most intelligent solution. This is the only way to tackle the urgent climate, energy, and mobility issues.

As a leading international trade fair, GIFA offers the largest possible communication and reflection surface. This is because our challenges do not stop at borders and, from this point of view, I consider that good economic relations, trade, and exchange will continue to be an excellent future possibility.

The magazine GIFA Dialogue by Foundry-Planet would like to draw your attention to the process and technology diversity of our industry. Leading companies in the foundry industry present their range of products and services as well as their latest technology state with focus on sand casting, gravity die casting and pressure die casting (HPDC). As a trade fair visitor, you will receive the magazine in German and English at the Foundry-Planet exhibition stand in Hall 13 Stand A67.

Let's take the chance to use these GIFA days in Düsseldorf to benefit from this good atmosphere for planning, innovation, and investment, as well as to form the basis for successful further developments of our foundry industry.

Enjoy reading, we wish you all the very best at

GIFA - Glückauf!

Thomas Fritsch | Editor-in-Chief // Chefredakteur

Global Casting Magazine - December 2022 Issue

With confidence and hope into the new year 2023

The global foundry industry is taking a proactive approach to the future

Despite all the difficulties, obstacles and changes, the foundry industry is hugely relevant, and this will be reflected for all stakeholders in the New Year.

Global Casting Magazine would like to thank its loyal readers around the world and the support of the supply industry.

We wish all readers, friends, and supporters a prosperous and healthy New Year 2023 and look forward to seeing you again.

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Foundry-Planet Magazin Turkey - October 2022

Turkey – market, business partner and friend, geo-strategic interface

There are so many facets that immediately come to mind in preparation for ANKIROS 2022 when it comes to the partner country Turkey.

ANKIROS, one of the most important events in the world for the foundry industry, will finally take place again and everyone is looking forward to meeting long-standing business partners and also new contacts in Istanbul.

Particularly in challenging times with economically and politically volatile conditions, established partnerships and reliability pay off especially well, and these need to be cultivated and developed further. In 2021, the Turkish metal casting industry achieved an annual production of 3 million tons of cast iron and was thus able to assert itself among the 10 largest casting nations in the world. The production volume for iron castings increased significantly to 2.3 million tons. Turkey's top 3 trading partners in exports are Germany, the USA and the United Kingdom.
As everywhere else, the pressing issues of industry transformation, supply chain bottlenecks and rapidly rising raw material and energy prices arise and it is precisely now that the course for the future must be set.
Our latest Foundry Turkey magazine is a good example of this. Read about the performance of the Turkish casting industry, the latest technology in mechanical engineering and the use of AI in the foundry.

It's all about business, quality, and reliability and the future will be discussed at ANKIROS 2022.

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Global Casting Magazine - September 2022 Issue

China's cast iron production reaches 50.04 million tonnes in 2021

Welcome to a new issue of Global Casting Magazine!

The latest issue will be published at the postponed MMC and Diecasting Fair in Shanghai and will also be available as a printed magazine at the China Foundry Association booth in September 2022.

The current issue again covers a wide range of topics from China to ASEAN, Europe to the USA and contains interesting articles for the different casting processes.

Finally, a remarkable figure: in 2021 China will have produced a total of 50.04 million tonnes of castings. You can read the exact figures and allocations on page 37 here in Global casting Magazine.

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Global Casting Magazine - July 2022 Issue

Amidst far-reaching changes in the economic and geopolitical structure, still not at the end of the pandemic, challenged by supply chain issues and other serious uncertainties, life goes on and so does the casting world.

It is important to stay in touch, to be informed about how the world is developing in Europe, China, North and South America, ASEAN and Africa. 

For this purpose, Foundry-Planet and China Foundry Association CFA provide you four times a year with interesting foundry related articles.   Look at the latest issue, we appreciate your interest.

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Diecasting-Dialogue Issue

"Nothing is so constant as change."

In the 21st century, companies are confronted with increasingly complex and rapidly changing environments in the face of which competitiveness must be secured.
Many companies are demonstrating flexibility and agility to meet the challenges with solutions, because we are used to adapting faster than ever. Because despite all the problems and crises, the light metals industry is in demand as never before, the forecasts are positive, and the order books are full.

EUROGUSS 2022 comes at just the right time for us as the leading trade fair for innovation for light metal casting, suppliers, casting buyers, service providers, consultants, universities and institutes, investors and experts from the entire industry, politics and society.Confirming lasting business relationships or establishing new ones, this is what personal contacts are for.

Exchange technology and develop it further with the involvement of stakeholders, through personal contacts. Rethinking and, if necessary, rebuilding the supply chain, through face-to-face contacts.
It's all about communication and trust, we have learnt a lot in the Covid years and some things will change in the long run and despite everything we need the personal stage more than ever.
Let us all use EUROGUSS 2022 with gratitude and determination to help shape change and transformation with confidence and determination.

Good luck and great success at EUROGUSS 2022 in Nuremberg!

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Global Casting Magazine - April 2022 Issue

In many parts of the world, presence events are picking up again, but not everywhere has the hindrance of the pandemic been removed, so we are glad to have online media at our disposal.

Global Casting magazine provides you with information from the foundry world from all corners of the globe. In English and Chinese, we reach an exceptionally large target group.

Sand casting, die casting, low pressure casting, company news and new developments, read and enjoy the latest issue now.

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Global Casting Magazine - December 2021 Issue

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Global Casting Magazine - November 2021 Issue

All over the world, companies are busy with the year-end rally, a year that does not meet expectations everywhere and sometimes only partially.

Disrupted supply chains, chip and raw material shortages and many other inconsistencies have plagued our foundry industry.

Nevertheless, the industry is strong and resilient and the order books are well filled.

So, the signs for 2022 are quite good and, if we remove Covid and the other obstacles worldwide, it could be really positive.

Always optimistic and on the side of foundries and suppliers!

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Global Casting Magazine - April 2021 Issue

Congratulation on the 10th Anniversary of Global Casting Magazine

Hello, readers of the Global Casting Magazine (GCM). The first issue of 2021 is published. This year marks the 10th anniversary of GCM. As the world’s only Chinese-English bilingual journal dedicated to the foundry industry, it has gone through 10 years, and it will continue to grow with the time. Through the cooperation and continuous innovation by China Foundry Association, American Foundry Society and Foundry Planet, GCM has provided the latest and excellent news to the global foundrymen, and is serving the sustainable development of the global foundry industry.

In this year, three publishers will jointly hold a series of activities to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the magazine with dear readers and friends, to retrospect and look into the future! In the past 2020, the sudden Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the lives and production activities of people all over the world, and it has also had a huge impact on the global foundry industry. However, it has been proved that our foundry industry is an industry with strong resilience. At present, the global foundry industry is recovering and stabilizing; moreover, with the test of the pandemic, more and more companies are paying more attention to transformation and upgrading, environmental protection and sustainable development, providing a guarantee for the safety and stability of the industrial chain and supply chain of the manufacturing industry.

As one of the vanes of the global foundry industry, the 19th China International Foundry Expo (METAL CHINA) and the 15th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition (DIECASTING CHINA) will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from May 26 to 28, 2021, which will display the latest development, show the resilience of the global foundry industry and explore the development direction of the foundry industry in the post-pandemic era. Taking this opportunity, Global Casting Magazine will report on the events for our worldwide readers, allowing you access to further understanding new technologies, new products and new trends of the global foundry industry. Thank you for your support and attention!

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Global Casting Magazine - December 2020 Issue

Looking forward to a better 2021 for the foundry industry

2020 is an unusual year as the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading around the world; even now there is no sign of alleviation. Normal work and life has been influenced significantly so that the established plans have been forced to be postponed or canceled.

The development of foundry industry is also affected, and the industrial chain and supply chain are also in uncertainty.

Now, it is time to think about how the global foundry industry will develop in the post-pandemic era. Whether you accept it or not, the pandemic has profoundly changed the way people socialize. In the case of restricted international travel, virtual negotiations and exhibitions have become the main ways to promote international communications.

As a Chinese-English bilingual e-magazine with worldwide readers, Global Casting Magazine is undoubtedly the best carrier for global foundrymen to understand industry trends and grasp development opportunities.

At the end of 2020, all of us are expecting a better new year. I wish the foundry industry will develop healthier and sustainable methods, and wish all our foundrymen keep safe, healthy and happy! ■

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It‘s good that 2020 is coming to an end, and that relief is emerging on the horizon. Alongside COVID-19 and other upheavals and crises in the industry, this was anything but a normal financial year.

The foundry industry, always an early indicator of the overall economic development, has not been spared and it is painful that we have to do without a traditional trade fair event like the Ankiros in Istanbul.

Nevertheless, production continues worldwide and most companies are holding on.

Thomas Fritsch

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Global Casting Magazine - October 2020 Issue

We can clearly see the courage and willingness in our industry to tackle the current challenges. There are good examples in all areas of the foundry industry and mechanical engineering.

Let us check off Corona and look ahead. That means learning to live with the circumstances and changes these days. ■

Stay healthy and hopeful!

Thomas Fritsch

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Global Casting Magazine - March 2020 Issue

If COVID-19 were a new alloy, a new molding system, or an ingenious measuring technology, we would enthusiastically accept the topic and discuss the possible applications in practice.

When COVID-19 started on its gruesome path, first in Wuhan and then in the rest of the world, we felt that COVID-19, also called the coronavirus, is an “enemy” that attacks our people, our societies, industry, and economy. 

Nobody is immune and the antidote is still a long time coming. In the meantime, politics drive public life and with it also our foundry industry, its suppliers and most of the cast buyers markets to zero. It’s a nightmare with science fiction quality that also bind us together, the consequences affect us all!

Now that production is shut down and many people are now working from home and only able to accomplish the most necessary tasks, we are given time that we might otherwise not have used. 
It is the time to think ahead to prepare for what comes after COVID, in life and also in our industry. Politics provides enormous financial support worldwide. This capital has to be used in a targeted manner, for example in new technology, processes, and digitalization. 

While the first signs of a return to normal life are already visible in China, the rest of the world is still fighting bravely and decisively, because there is life after COVID and the joy that we can meet and exchange personally again. In the meantime, we provide you with the most important information from the world of metal casting in the media at all levels. ■

Stay healthy and hopeful!

Thomas Fritsch

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Diecasting-Dialogue Issue

A Euroguss year has the great advantage that it shows the trend for the light metal, die-casting and gravity die casting industry in January and still opens up options throughout the year.

EUROGUSS 2020 is the right choice for the top representatives of industry and participants from the entire value chain!

In Nuremberg, exhibitors and visitors meet in an environment conducive to development, where they can face the ambitious challenges brought on by the winds of change, and present their own skills and strengths. „If you don‘t want to change anything, you will lose everything“ (Gustav Heinemann) Yes, there are likely to be some changes in the casting industry, regardless of whether we like e EU‘s “Green Deal” or any of the other current developments.

Our industry seems to be well advised to face the changing challenges with intelligence, experience, courage and foresight. New mobility concepts, open technology drives, communication technology, artificial intelligence, medical technology, aerospace and environmental technology – they will continue to offer a wide range of opportunities for light metal casting in addition to automotive production.

The fact that the industry is capable of this and has a significant share in the implementation of highly complex products in networked processes, is demonstrated by the development of the giant die casting cells for structural castings or the increasing use of additive manufacturing. The foundry industry and its suppliers will accept changes and at the same time may request the support of politicians, OEMs, associations and unions.

Foundrypeople, show your competence, creativity and competitiveness. European process technology, engineering skills, experience and training are still world leaders.

EUROGUSS 2020 is the start of the new 20s, and we are happy to be your media companion - good luck and good luck!

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