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ASEAN represents a region of future markets with about 600 million citizens, where the large, multinational suppliers are already operating.

With Indonesia’s domestic capacity to produce significantly lower than the demands of its industries, it is a strong market for exporters, especially in the area of steel. It is also a growing center of development: in its bid to keep up with China, the drive for more modern facilities and technologies is high, and the playing field is open to global companies looking to increase their influence in the Southeast Asian region. 

Indometal 2018 is a great opportunity for doing just that. A specialized trade fair with top organization by Messe Düsseldorf provides the perfect opportunity to make connections with the region’s domestic producers, who are looking to upgrade their technology and increase their competitiveness in the market. Many are looking to invest and take advantage of Indonesia’s current economic transformation.

We would like to thank our partners, VDMA and Messe Düsseldorf, for their cooperation and support for this project! We wish all the exhibitors and visitors of Indometal 2018 success and good business!

Glückauf and Good Luck!

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Issue 1 | September 2017

Russia is and remains an important Casting Country!

Predominantly positive outcome for the mechanical engineering metallurgy industry in the first half of 2017

The German machinery export market experienced a considerable upward trend in the first half of 2017 – an increase of almost six percent compared to last year. Read more:

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Issue 1 | June 2017

After 20 years of high-speed development, China’s diecasting industry has earned a decisive position in the global die casting field, and its massive manufacturing and consumption market are drawing the world's attention. The reason: the rapid development of the Chinese automotive industry in the past few years.

The focus now is on a strategic sector for the Chinese domestic industry, namely the foundries. The changes currently taking place in terms of new technologies and new materials, and the steps being taken in response to the Chinese 5 Year Plan combine with new, innovative methods to help the industry achieve the targets set for Industry 4.0. The huge market potential, and industrial transformation and upgrades, fuel overseas companies’ high expectations of China’s die casting industry.

The mega city of Shanghai is playing a key role in this process. It is home to the largest location of automotive manufacturers and their suppliers in China and thus also the perfect location for CHINA DIECASTING, International Diecasting Congress and Exhibition, taking place from July 19th- 21st 2017 in Shanghai.

The co-organizer, NürnbergMesse China, has been extremely successful in staging this trade fair since 2013. At this year's event, around 350 exhibitors and 15,000 trade visitors from the automotive, electronics and mechanical and plant engineering sectors are expected. For German and European companies,,CHINA DIECASTING is a good opportunity to get to know the flourishing Chinese die casting market and open up new business potential.

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Issue 1 | June 2017

The upswing of the Italian automotive market marks a crucial turning point after the long crisis of the last years and it will no doubt affect the entire Italian and European industrial fabric in a positive way. Globally, the use of light alloys is reporting strong growth rates due to the increasingly stricter requirements of eco-sustainability in several industrial fields, and the industry as a whole is beginning to sit up and see the necessity for adaptability in a changing field.

In light of this, METEF 2017 showcased the outstanding technological level of the Italian industry in this sector, which is the crossroads of the demand for innovation and the offer of customized solutions.

METEF, the world’s reference event for the aluminium, innovative metals, foundry equipment and solutions sector, offered the industry’s international public a very specific offer, based on four topics: production chain, custom solutions, automotive and networking; A coherent and integrated path encompassing foundry, transformation processes, and the relating machining, products and solutions as well as raw materials and recycling.  

Specialized visitors from the AUTOMOTIVE sector included designers, purchasing managers, technicians and R&D directors of the tier 1 suppliers (OEMs), carmakers as well as manufacturers of commercial and industrial vehicles, agricultural and earth-handling machinery, underground and surface trains.

Focus was on a strategic sector for the domestic industry: foundry. The changes currently taking place in terms of new technologies and new materials is fed by the extensive history of the casting, extrusion and rolling sector – this experience combined with new, innovative methods will help the Italian and global industries achieve the targets set by the Industry 4.0 plan.

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Issue 1 | September 2016

In light of the FUNDIEXPO, Mexico has increasingly become a focus on the international foundry industry platform.

With Mexico´s constant boost in capacity and encouragement to innovation, there is no doubt that the Mexican metal casting industry is one of the most significant around the globe and ranks No. 11 in the world in supplying to OEMs to automotive and other major industries.

The Mexican companies have utilized their advantages between prospering NAFTA and struggling regions in South America by establishing solid partnerships and taking selective measures in skills and R & D.

Mexico is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and Foundry-Planet has had the opportunity to observe this upward trend. With that said, we are pleased to present to you the first Foundry Planet Magazine for Mexico.

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Issue 1 | September 2016

A strong exhibition, a forward-looking common industry appearance where the European and global business is pursued seriously and solution-oriented keeping perspectives remain open would be a good response in these times.

The slogan is neither eyes closed and go for it, and certainly nor, we stop all cross-border activities and subordinate the predominance of the loud and inconsiderate.

The exhibition Ankiros in Istanbul is a reflection of the Turkish foundry industry, which has developed extremely well over the past 10 years.

The majority of Turks, the whole region has deserved that development and prosperity continue.

The Turkish Foundry industry has to stay competitive in its own interest and in partnership with suppliers, political leaders and the entire society.

For this, all participants in the industry can contribute. The current magazine foundry Turkey is an adequate example of good cooperation. We thank the Turkish Foundry Association, the foundries and our supporters from the supply industry.

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Issue 1 | April 2016

Even before politicians, associations and various delegations returned to Iran, Foundry-Planet had begun to build up new relationships with the Iranian Foundry Industry, metal casters, diecasters, associations and executive decision makers.

Keeping in step with the global foundry industry, I would like to welcome you to the very first Iran- Foundry Magazine published by Foundry-Planet, aimed at opening the window for investors, suppliers, producers and buyers.

We are talking about Iran, a domestic market with a population of 80.000.000 surrounded by other potential emerging markets. The country provides an interesting human and commodity resources. The society seems to be highly ambitious, so a possible lack in experience should be no obstacle in investing in this disproportionate young society with its growing industries.

European supplies are highly recommended in Iran. And now is a favorable point in time to replace connections and build on new or existing business relationships.

In 2016, we have the unique opportunity for an overdue approach in which the industry will have the chance to create successful development.

Discover the state-of-the-art suppliers for the metal casting industry, statements of associations, leading Iranian foundries, Iran Foundry Directory and outlook for the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the suppliers industry for their support and assistance from the Iranian Foundry Associations. I would also like to say a special thanks to Mr. Hamid Riazi for his support on this project, who trained foundry practice in Daimler Mannheim foundry and Fritz winter foundry for more than 24 months.

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Issue 1 | September 2015

B2B e-Magazine for Technical and Commercial Foundry Management in Russia

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Issue 1 I 2013

Go Russia, Go!

Welcome to the first Foundry e-Magazine for Russia powered by

In favour of the XI Congress of Russian Foundrymen, we decided to deliver an additional printed version to start with. Along with our long standing relationship with BRICS Officials, Russian Foundrymen and the impressions from major supplier companies at the Litmash in Moscow, it is evident that there are reliable prospects for the future in the Russian Foundry Industry.

The level of industrial production will show moderate growth and experts appreciate excellent opportunities in the sectors of power machine building, automotive, railway and energy.

In the long run, the Russian Foundry Industry will have a strong demand and at the same time this opens the scope for foreign suppliers to build up alliances and gain business. Enjoy the resourceful and compacted version of this brand new magazine, and dive further into depth with all the advantages that a digital magazine has to offer at:

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Issue 1 I December 2014

ASEAN represents the region of the future of about 600 million citizens, where large multinational companies are already operating, attracting suppliers and buyers alike by steady growth and the favorable investment policy environment.

Two years ago, when the first Indometal took place in Jakarta in Indonesia, for sure it was predictable that this event would become a benchmark for the metallurgical industry in Indonesia and the ASEAN countries.

In December 2014, the second exhibition “Indometal – International Metal & Steel Trade Fair for Southeast Asia” (organized by Wakeni and Messe Düsseldorf Asia) has arrived once again. On behalf of the leading manufacturers of foundry equipment, suppliers, thermo process technology, consulting and European Associations, Foundry – Planet Ltd. provides the first “Foundry-ASEAN” magazine to summarize a current view ontechnology suppliers and economicrelationships.

The will be circulated to our entire South Asian database as an E-magazine shortly before the fair and will be passed out to the visitors as a print magazine on the Indometal fair grounds.

Whether you prefer the digital version with additional links to further detailed reports, or if you prefer the print magazine, enjoy anyway!

The Foundry-Planet Team looks forward to your response on the publication and wishes all participants a successful event.

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Issue 1 I May 2014

It´s all about the Foundry Industry

In the face of political power interests and the flexing of muscles, for us: It‘s solely about the Foundry Industry.

At a time of political uncertainty, global economic relations and interdependence will prove to be a counter balance.

For those who excessively demand and impose forceful sanctions, are usually the first to act within their own interests. Therefore, it seems that the European Community of States is well advised to support Russia and CIS-States particularly economical, in moving towards developmental opportunities.

We know that there is a need for investment in the East in the foundry industry, and that is one of the reasons we are here to meet each other in Moscow at the Litmash exhibition. We value our contacts and would like to further develop them. It has nothing to do with confrontation, but communication.

Enjoy our current issue of Foundry-Planet e-Magazine for Russia, with articles of clear successful examples of economic cooperation within the foundry industry. Visit the online version at:

Read Online: Magazine Russia

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