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2013 Shanghai Automotive Casting Exhibition and First Precision Die Casting Exhibition (SDCE2013) successfully concluded


Organizer Jeffrey Zhou



Stephen Udvardy

Presents Tombola


The Satisfying Result of the First Exhibition

As the share of automotive castings being increases, all people in foundry industry were looking forward to an exhibition which completely belongs to automotive casting. Supported by Shanghai Foundry Industry Association, SDCE2013 was hosted by China Die Casting Web, National Auto & auto parts Export Base (Shanghai) and Shanghai International Automotive City and organized by Jiaxin Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. It is the only one focusing on automotive casting (die casting). The exhibition received support from related international organizations. They are International Zinc Association, International Aluminum Institute, North American Die Casting Association and Foundry-Planet.

Famous enterprises show at the exhibition

Nearly one hundred exhibitors at home and abroad gathered at the exhibition, including industry giants such as Buhler, FRECH, L.K. Group, Toshiba and so on. Exhibitors came with the most advanced machinery equipment and showed the newest technology in industry, and carried on business negotiation with buyers. Commercial value of the exhibition was remarkable.

Forum and exhibition complement each other

In the Die Casting Forum, much effort has been devoted to analysis of basic status and future development of the global die casting industry from different aspects. Lecture Hall for Die Casting has been an oriented towards introduction of technology. The interesting speeches from engineers enriched visitors’ knowledge about die casting.

Simultaneous activities are brilliant

The simultaneous activities include superior quality casting review, IPAD lottery, talent recruitment and so on.

The development of exhibition meets market demand

Shaojie Zhou, CEO of China Die Casting Web and General Manager of Jiaxin Exhibition (Shanghai) said: “The success of the exhibition is made on the basis of support of industry players. At the circumstance of economic slowdown, the die casting industry has an exuberant market demand. We will transfer the spirit of this exhibition to the next exhibition, and further expand the it and improve it's professional standard.” The 2014 Shanghai Automotive Casting Exhibition and Second Precision Die Casting Exhibition will be held in November, 2014.


Bottom Line:

As a neutral observer  Foundry-Planet`s result is quite straightforward.

In fact The SDCE 2013 was a well organized and concrete show based on the approach of bring together the Diecasting and Automotive Industry, so far congratulations to the organizers – great idea and reasonable papers with the highlight of Steven Udvardy`s presentation Initiates file download(NADCA) <<<< Shanghai Automotive and Die Casting Exhibition_PDF

Concerning the target group of visitors, we are not sure whether if it was really defined and when consulting the exhibitors, we got different answers. Considering the fact that we are facing so many different Diecasting events in China, the organizers should think about collaborations or agreements, focusing their experiences, relationships and market orientation to find a way for one or two major events in China per year covering Diecasting and Automotive and attracting manyexperts from all parts of China.





















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