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In April 2011, the "Austrian Foundry- Congress with trade show" took place for the time at the Montan University in Leoben. We got excellent lectures on the topic of "Cost- and Quality-related factors in the Foundry"  presented to the conference participants, organized by the Austrian Foundry Institute (ÖGI), the Department of Foundry Technology of the Montan University of Leoben (LfGk) and the Association of Austrian Foundry Specialists (VÖG).

More than 280 visitors and 90 Students joined innovative and interesting presentations from various experts with the following topics:

  • "Foundry planning, taking into account of energy efficiency,"
  • "Increasing energy and material efficiency- a central theme for the next few years,"
  • "The plant maintenance business as an efficiency driver in the industry,"
  • "Productivity enhancement for foundry equipment,"

Iron Casting

  • "Production techniques and simulation capabilities for the local hardening of spheroidal graphite cast iron pieces,"
  • "Influence of alloying and trace elements on the microstructure of cast iron,"
  • "Initial industrial experience with the new measurement oxygen activity of cast iron,"
  • "Technical features of major components of cast iron with spheroidal graphite with the 'Super Giant' die press as example,"
  • "Optimization of energy consumption in the melting process in an induction crucible furnace,"

Non-Ferro Castings

  • "Basic research for the refinement of Al-Si-Alloys,"
  • "Innovations in die-casting research at the University of Aalen,"
  • "Increasing energy and resource efficiency in the process chain of aluminium die casting,"
  • "Energy saving potentials for die-casting,"
  • "Alternatives to water-based mold release agents,"

After the lectures on Thursday, the Annual General Meeting of the Association for Practical Foundry Research of the Austrian Foundry- Institute for representatives of member-companies, and the Annual General Meeting of Association of Austrian Foundry Specialists (VÖG), took place.

The second day started with at the following lectures:

  • "Zero-Casualty Strategy- for the Foundry! Is it possible?"
  • "Development of the measured flow conditions in casting systems: Experiments, Results and Applications."
  • "Opportunities and alternatives towards established Zircon-Silicate-Finishing."
  • "Insights into the inorganic binder technology: results from the product development."
  • "Sand simulation- A new tool for process optimization in the Foundry."
  • "How are the international commodity markets going to develop"

Next year the Great Common Foundry Technology Conference,  hosted by Germany, Austria and Switzerland, will take place in Salzburg, in April 26-27.2012.

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