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70 Years and Fireworks

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Amafond`s 70th Anniversary was held at “Villa Fenaroli” in Brescia Italy providing for an atmosphere of traditional Italian style along with 300 distinguished guests in attendance.

The Minister for Labour Dr. Giuliano Poletti and Amafond President Maurizio Sala were pleased to greet several guests of honour and experts from the casting and machinery industry of Italy and Europe. Dr. Poletti spoke about steps to gain interest from the younger generation into the world of production and touched on the topic and challenges of industry 4.0.

Assofond president Roberto Ariotti rounded out the event with the latest figures from the Italian Foundry Industry with a careful optimistic outlook.

The event was followed by an award ceremony, fireworks, dinner and the singers from the opera of Verona.

Good Luck Amafond!

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