8th Leading International Trade Fair for Cleaning in Production and Maintenance Processes

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8th Leading International Trade Fair for Cleaning in Production and Maintenance Processes from 12 to 14 October 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany

Parts Cleaning – Solutions for Cost and Quality Optimisation

After a period of waiting, purchasing decisions are again being implemented in numerous industries. Suppliers of industrial cleaning technology have been observing this for several months in the form of significantly increased project RFQs and orders. Booth space at parts2clean, Leading International Trade Fair for Cleaning within Production and Maintenance Processes, is also in demand. Market and technology leaders will be represented in all of the exhibition sectors at the event from 12 through 14 October 2010 at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre in Germany. Users from production, maintenance and reconditioning will thus have the opportunity of gathering information regarding solutions for cost and quality optimisation of cleaning processes in many industries for a wide variety of materials.

Regardless of whether simple or highly demanding cleaning tasks need to be completed – the efficiency of the utilised processes is being scrutinised to a greater extent than ever before in manufacturing, maintenance and reconditioning. This applies in particular to component, surface and tool cleaning, because these areas frequently harbour considerable potential for cost and quality optimisation. And more and more companies want to exploit this potential in order to maintain or further sharpen their competitive edge. This has been acknowledged in recent months by perceptibly increasing project RFQs and orders received by suppliers of industrial cleaning technology. And there’s lively demand for booth floor space at parts2clean as well, because the industry is expecting investment activity to increase even further before the leading international trade fair takes place at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre from the 12th through the 14th of October, 2010.

parts2clean – Worldwide Information and Procurement Platform
parts2clean owes its high esteem amongst manufacturers and service providers from the cleaning industry to its concentration on the process sequence for parts, surface and tool cleaning. “The comprehensive offerings presented at parts2clean assure high levels of appeal and acceptance for users from all industries. On the other hand, as opposed to the so-called surface finishing technology trade fairs, the exhibitors know that the visitors are interested exclusively in industrial cleaning technology. This distinguishing characteristic makes parts2clean highly efficient for both groups”, explains Hartmut Herdin, managing director of event promoters fairXperts GmbH.
The exhibition portfolio encompasses systems and processes, as well as process media and their conditioning, for degreasing, cleaning, deburring and pre-treatment of parts, parts baskets and workpiece carriers, handling and process automation, cleanroom technology, job-shop cleaning, quality assurance, test methods and analysis procedures, research and technical literature. And the market and technology leaders from all exhibition sectors will be represented at the event.

COROSAVE – Taking the Process Sequence One Step Further
The integrated COROSAVE trade fair consistently picks up the process sequence where parts2clean leaves off with temporary corrosion protection, preservation and packaging for cleaned components and surfaces. Maintaining the cleanliness achieved in the cleaning process is the centre of attention here, because recontamination frequently occurs during storage and transport as a result of environmental influences, contaminated goods carriers, corrosion processes or inappropriate packaging. With the required combination of equipment and services for defining, fulfilling, substantiating and documenting the specified degree of cleanliness and its maintenance until further processing or delivery of the parts to the customer, parts2clean and COROSAVE make it possible for users to gather targeted information and make procurement decisions efficiently at a single location.

parts2clean Goes to Italy
On the tide of advancing globalisation and against the backdrop of increasing worldwide demand for component and surface cleaning equipment, fairXperts GmbH is collaborating with foreign technical trade fairs. The goal of such collaboration is to simplify participation at foreign trade fairs, in particular for small and mid-sized companies, by organising communal booths. And thus a parts2clean communal booth will be on hand at the Italian Surface Expo trade fair, which will take place for the first time in Bergamo from the 15th through the 18th of September, 2010. Surface Expo is the only trade fair in Italy which is exclusively dedicated to surface finishing. Participating companies will not only receive organisational support for the planning and execution of their trade fair participation, but rather various on-site services as well such as the provision of an interpreter. In return, the promoters of Surface Expo will organise participation for a group of Italian suppliers at parts2clean 2010.

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