A bold new vision for the Die Casting industry - Bühler launches the Digital Cell

Bühler is introducing its vision for the Digital Cell at GIFA 2019, aimed at delivering 0% scrap, 40% reduction in cycle time and 24/7 uptime. Bühler will also unveil the first innovations to paving the way to this vision at the world’s premiere Die Casting show.

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“To achieve a step change in die-casting, it’s not enough to focus on single components. To significantly boost productivity, we have to tackle the system as a whole.” Jonathan Abbis, Managing Director Bühler Die Casting

Introducing the Digital Cell 
Bühler is bringing its vision of the Digital Cell to share with the Die Casting industry at GIFA, in Düsseldorf, 25 to 29 June 2019.

Bühler’s aim is to work toward foundries achieving 0% scrap, 40% less cycle time and 24/7 uptime. The way to make this performance leap is to bring all the real-time operating data from the die-casting components of the cell together under one cell management system: a “smart brain of the cell”. 

Jonathan Abbis, Managing Director Bühler Die Casting explains: “Over the years, specific innovations like real-time shot control and two-platen technology have created a step-change in die-casting efficiency. We believe that the cell management system – with die-casting peripherals and components from a multitude of different manufacturers monitored, controlled and automatically adjusted – will be the next important step. It’s this technology that will make our industry even more competitive in the modern world.”

Bühler SmartCMS, on show at GIFA, paves the way
Visitors to Bühler in Hall 11, Booth A41 and A42 will have the chance to see a number of exciting innovations that are the start of this journey towards the Digital Cell. 

The Bühler SmartCMS will be on show for the first time. It lays the foundation for the smart management of entire die-casting cells, collecting information from every peripheral in a single system. This makes it possible to understand how well the cell is performing as a whole and to manage it proactively. It provides detailed time-synced process traceability for every part. It gives foundries the opportunity to use data analytics to inform process improvements across single cells and entire plants. Ultimately the SmartCMS, acting as a ‘smart brain’, will enable the cell to self-optimize, choosing the best possible production parameters for each product. 

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