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A Panorama on Chinas's Foundry Industry - After show of CIFEX

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China Foundry Association
CIEC Exhibition Co., Ltd., CIEC Group


May 11-14, 2010


China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing

Total Space:

106,000 sq.m.

No. of Exhibitors:

1,326 (256 overseas exhibitors, 1070 Chinese companies)

No.of Visitors by admission
May 11 17,175
May 12 15,797
May 13 11,053
May 14 3,668
Total: 47,693

Participating Countries and Regions
Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong SAR, Italy, India, Japan, Korea, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan Region, Turkey, UK and USA

National Pavilions
Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and USA

Concurrent Congresses

  • The 9th China Foundry Association Congress No. of attendees: 1100
  • Asia Foundry Forum No. of attendees: 150

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“International flagship show on foundry suppliers, World largest metalcasting exhibition”

<link file:7533>Organized by China Foundry Association, 2010 China International Foundry Expo (CIFEX), comprising 10th Metalchina and China Casting International(CCI), had been successfully staged in Beijing, China from May 11th to May 14th. Four days of exhibiting fully embodied the theme of “Spring, innovation and grand celebration”, symbolizing the robust recovery of Chinese foundry industry after impact by the global financial crisis. In 2009, the output of castings reached 35.3 million tons, accounting for a third of the world’s total.

In 2009, the State Council of China issued the program for “Restructuring and Resuscitation of Equipment Manufacturing Industry”. For the first time the importance of cast parts has been enhanced to the same level as the complete equipment. Meanwhile, the 4 trillion Yuan’s (5, 882 USD) fiscal and monetary stimulus package paved the way for economic recovery through investment and consumption, leading the way in building of infrastructure and in cultivating domestic market of automobile, the world No.1 manufacturing and consumption market. Castings, as the foundation for all industries, surely sees the sign of robust recovery. In the past few years, China’s foundry industry has achieved leaping development on metalcasting technology in terms of casting size, light weight, function and precision. Currently, there are about 100 foundries in China capable of producing large casting of over 30 T. The independent developed castings applied to the fields of turbine power generation, internal combustion engineering have reached international level.

China-made casting is experiencing a shift from the model of “high-volume, low-margin”to the higher value chain. To meet such demand, foundry equipment is required to be more reliable,longer service life, safer, higher accuracy grade to better catering to advance of automation, lowemission, demanding delivery time and upgrade of casting categories and quality. Meanwhile, a future of green casting also demands foundry raw material supplier to provide products with quality of highperformance, low toxicity, low-cost.

Through development of the last two decades, CIFEX grew from a tradeshow merely focusing on foundry equipment and raw materials to a comprehensive foundry expo combining foundries and foundry suppliers, matchmaking casting suppliers with end-users. CIFEX enjoys the reputation as one of world’s flagship foundry exhibitions, biggest metalcasting show.Domestic exhibitors consist of wellknown state-owned corporates, privateheld companies, local foundry cluster pavilions, provincial foundry association pavilions, end-user associations and pavilions of sub-committees affiliated to China Foundry Association. Exhibiting space was allocated based on products categories, such as zones of large casting for power generation, automobile castings, investment castings, art castings, cast pipes, mill roll, foundry equipment, raw materials and international pavilion. 1, 326 exhibitors in total from 30 nations took part in this grand event, a full chain of foundry sector staged under on roof.Unprecedented 100,000 sq.m of exhibting space broke the record, almost two folds increase compared with last edition in Shanghai,2008. 47,693 visitors by addmission attend the show, from 55 countries. CIFEX (Metalchina & CCI) has been fully supported by world prominent foundry organizations, who as the organizer, managing international pavilions for every edition.With this support behind, the show is internationally accepted as the unique sector activity in Asia.

The organizations that supported CIFEX(Metalchina & CCI) –are as listed follows

  • CECOF (European Committee of Industrial Furnace and Heating Equipment Associations)
  • CEMAFON (European Committee for Materials and Products for Foundries)
  • AMAFOND (Italian Association for Foundry Machinery Producers)
  • VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau - German Engineering Federation)
  • FUNDIGEX (Castings Exporter’s Association of Spain)

The cocurrent event---1st Asia Foundry Forum, brought foundrymen from participating countries to visit the show, including Japan, Republic of Korea,India, Thailand, Mongolia, Vietnam, Pakistan,Bagladash, etc.

CFA—Taking responsibilty to build a modern and efficient foundry industry in China
A professional show-organizer with local expertise equipped with international vision. Staffed with teams of professional and expertized specialists capable of providing first-rate consulting advice relating to foundry production.

Registered at Ministry of Civil Affairs of PR.China, as a non-governmental organization, CFA, comprised of more than 1,300 volunteer members from foundries,foundry suppliers, governmentfunded entities, scientific institutes and local foundry associations all across China, is leading the way in technology development and industry marketing. Serving as a nodal point of reference between the government of all level and foundry businesses, CFA is advocating the interest of China’s foundry sector, enacting the displines within the sector that binding all members.

CFA, networking with foundry associations and commercial organizations worldwide, is a gate for foreign businessmen, foundrymen, engineers and investors who interested in world largest foundry maket by providing consultation, publications, conference, education & training program and annual international exhibitions.In 2009, CFA is rated 4-Star industry associaion by Ministry of Civil Affairs of PR.China.In Feb,2009, CFA passed “ISO900 Quality Control System “ attestation.

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