A - Tiroler Rohre GmbH continues to produce - The furnace must not go out

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Even during the difficult Corona period, the casting and melting furnaces at Tiroler Rohre GmbH in Hall glow. In three shifts, 130 people ensure that the fire does not go out.

"We don't have to work, we are allowed to work", people know that the company needs them urgently now. Closing for more than a month would be a threat to the existence of the entire company, says owner Max Kloger. The oven must not go out.

A complete closure would be so expensive for the company and so it was decided to find a compromise. It is about strict compliance with safety measures in terms of employee health and the continuation of production to secure the future. Distance is currently the highest requirement, there is strict control when accessing Tiroler Rohr GmbH, the canteen is closed and the administration staff work from the home office.

Despite all the measures, the management feared a drop in sales of 35% this year, provided the global crisis lasts until early summer.