ABP Induction receives a major order from an Viraj, leading Indian steel producer

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Neeraj Kochhar / Chairman of Viraj and Wolfgang Andree / President of ABP after signing the contract

The Indian steel producer Viraj, one of the world's largest producers of stainless steel long products, has placed an order with ABP Induction for a total of nine induction melting furnaces. With an overall input power of 162 MW, these furnaces will be installed at the company's steelworks in Tarapur Maharashtra (India)

As Dr. Wolfgang Andree, Managing Director at ABP, states: "For us, this order is an excellent start to the new year. Moreover, we are especially happy that a well-respected client such as Viraj has placed its trust in our steel production expertise. Since 1992, Viraj has used induction furnaces instead of electric arc furnaces to produce stainless steel. Induction furnaces have won the support of many in the steel industry, not least because of their great flexibility, low levels of outlay in terms of investment and production costs as well as lower demands on the electrical network.

The nine melting furnaces will be delivered in three phases. Initially three IFM furnaces, each with a capacity of 30 tons, will be delivered in July 2011.

Shortly thereafter, Viraj will take delivery of another three IFM furnaces, each with a 47 ton capacity and each similarly equipped with an 18 MW single power supply. The final three furnaces (likewise 47 tons/18 MW) will be delivered and put into operation in 2012.

Design of high powered melt shop with 3 x 30 t /3 x 18 MW to melt 50 t/h steel

In a tap-to-tap time of 60 minutes, intelligent charging systems ensure 50 tons each from two induction furnaces. For this, an innovative exhaust system which meets high European environmental standards is used. By employing the ABP high performance furnaces and the associated process-related improvements, the new plant will achieve a 260% increase in productivity and at the same time, will adhere to all of the applicable environmental standards and requirements.

However the technological advance based on good references in the field of steel melting was not the only crucial reason behind the awarding of the contract to ABP, but also the outstanding local service that ABP Induction India provides.

So that this large order and the short delivery times associated with it do not adversely affect the service and delivery commitments of ABP's existing business, we have taken additional measures straight away. These include adapting the manufacturing area as well as hiring staff in the engineering and manufacturing departments.

Viraj is a global player in the stainless steel business. With exports to over 80 countries around the globe, the company is characterized by its high-end quality stainless steel engineering products, timely deliveries and a diverse customer base. Today, Viraj employs over 9,000 members of staff on four continents and generates an annual turnover of 1 billion US$.

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