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AGTOS - Flexible cleaning and deburring of cast parts

Flexibility is required in many foundries. Cast parts of varying sizes and geometries need to be treated in a fast and reliable way. Generally the wire mesh shot blast plants have proven to be very versatile. AGTOS combines the positive aspects of this type of machine with the advantages of innovative blasting technology.

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AGTOS - Drahtgurt - Strahlanlage

The work pieces which shall be treated are positioned either manually or by a manipulator on the wire mesh which transports them to the machine. First they pass through the entry sluice. The sluice seals the blasting chamber which follows to the exterior. In the blasting chamber high performance turbines throw the abrasive with a high velocity onto the work pieces. The wire mesh is constructed in such a way that the work pieces are blasted optimally from above and from below at the same time therefore treating them from all sides. Subsequently the work pieces are freed from abrasive and dust by blowing.

The AGTOS wire mesh shot blast plants are built for the highest operational demands. Because of the high performance turbines an optimal cover is achieved. This guarantees short blasting times and high quality blasting of the parts.

The robust blasting chamber is built with highly wear-resistant austenitic manganese steel. In the blasting zone there are additional wear plates in austenitic manganese steel which can easily be exchanged. In the floor area collecting trays secure an optimal protection against wearing.

The automatic abrasive supply devices, positioned above the turbines, ensure that the blasting only happens when pieces are in the blasting area. This minimizes the wearing of the shot blasting plant. The abrasive remaining on the work pieces is removed by means of a blower unit.

Modern turbine technology

AGTOS puts a special emphasis on the development of the turbine technique. After the high performance turbines we developed ourselves gained ground on the market they are now available in different executions. According to the needs of the customer we can adapt the specifications of the AGTOS high performance turbines. Differences exist not only in the diameter of the blasting wheel, which is determined by the necessary projection speed.

It is our goal to keep the tool life of all the turbine pieces in all applications as long as possible. The tool life is influenced by the quantity of fine dust particles in the circulation of the abrasive. It is possible to optimally adjust the AGTOS shot blast machine which allows for the reliable separation of disturbing dust and fines. The kind of material which is used for the construction of the high performance turbines also has a significant impact on the tool life of the turbine parts. This is why the wear parts of the AGTOS high performance turbines are manufactured using a variety of materials. In the domain of wear lining of the turbine housing cast iron materials, tool steel and carbide are available with tool lives up to several thousand hours.

AGTOS broaches the subject of energy efficiency in shot blasting on the exhibition GIFA

AGTOS presents the possibilities on this subject on the realm of shot blasting.

For example, during the construction of the shot blast plant, the efficiency classes of the engines are taken into consideration. It is also possible to put the machine into a resting mode, given that no pieces enter for a certain period of time. Further potential for economization can be found with the spear and wear parts. Their numbers have been decreased in AGTOS shot blast machines in comparison to conventional shot blast plants. From this the time of installation benefits since it can be kept very short, without having to use special tools.


AGTOS is concerned with any activity that relates to turbine-wheel shot blasting. Turbine-wheel shot blast machines for roughening, cleaning, derusting, descaling and shot peening are projected, constructed, programmed and built in our own factories by our co-workers. This includes also the transport of the work pieces from other treatment units to the shot blast machine and further transportation to other units. Therefore we often deliver whole systems and machines, complete solutions. Ranging from the treatment of chain links which are only some millimeters in size up to the treatment of steel constructions of the size of an overseas shipping container, there are almost no limits to the size and the utilizability of our machines.

The trade with used machines completes our range of products. These machines as well are professionally adapted to the customers' special needs. This ranges from repairing over modernizing to the fitting of used machines with new components. Thus we create favourably priced and yet high quality and practical solutions. This is especially interesting for companies who have only a small budget and need a shot blast machine on short notice to be used only temporarily or not in continuous duty.

Besides the supply of spear and wear parts for AGTOS shot blast machines we offer suitable parts for the various types of used machines. We also offer servicing, repairing, maintenance and modernization of machines by other manufacturers. All this makes us a competent contact concerning everything that is shot blasting.

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