Alexander Gerstung, Member of the Executive Board of ES Automobilguss GmbH

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"The new agreement is especially good news for the employees of ES Automobilguss. We now have sustained planning reliability, especially with a view on jobs as we have more than 400 jobs secured on a long term basis.”

We have always been keen on an agreement with Volkswagen and look forward to an amicable and fair outcome that is in the interest of all companies.

It has been agreed that business in the long term will continue - In the form of a mutual, trusted and improved partnership in all areas. For further cooperation, principles were aligned and agreed upon through intensive and trustful communication. There was also a fair agreement on previously open financial issues.

With this background, we will get deliveries to VW again immediately and prepare for the gradual resumption of production.

The ES Automobilguss is tradition-conscious a middle size company. The company and its employees are rooted in the region for more than 450 years. This tradition we will successfully continue. "

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