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Allied Mineral Products, Inc. and Hagenburger Feuerfeste Produkte Announce Global Strategic Partnership

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Allied Mineral Products, Inc. and Hagenburger Feuerfeste Produkte GmbH are pleased to announce their new global strategic partnership. Allied Mineral Products now holds an equity position in Hagenburger GmbH.

This partnership will allow Allied to offer metal flow and control technology solutions as well as leverage the strong Hagenburger name in Europe.  In turn, Hagenburger will have access to Allied’s global sales and service networks to expand their technology offerings worldwide.

Jon R. Tabor, President and CEO Allied Mineral Products, Inc. says, “Allied has had a strong business relationship with Hagenburger for over 16 years and our corporate and business cultures are well aligned. This strategic partnership will bring new value and benefits to the global foundry, steel, industrial and copper industries.  Customers will gain from the synergistic technologies, advanced service offerings and the global reach of our two companies.  The combined 132 years of refractory experience will serve as the foundation for growth in new and adjacent markets and industries throughout the world”.

Allied Mineral Products, Inc. founded in 1961 and headquartered in Columbus Ohio, is a global leader in the design and production of monolithic refractories and precast shapes.  Allied has 9 manufacturing facilities and sells its products into the foundry, steel, copper, aluminum and industrial markets. Allied has over 140 direct sales and service engineers located in more than 20 countries and sells its products into over 110 countries throughout the world.  Allied’s worldwide network of manufacturing, research, distribution, sales and technical support ensures Allied’s ability to remain dedicated to “Being There with Refractory Solutions” for its customers.  

“Hagenburger and Allied both have developed their own special refractory technology over many decades. We clearly feel these different technologies and fields of application will create an even better perceived customer value by moving forward together. Over the past years we have had a successful relationship that has been built on mutual respect and trust. This partnership will continue to allow us to provide the very best products and service to our customers as well as the best culture and future conditions for our employees.” - Klaus Hagenburger, Managing Director, HAGENBURGER Feuerfeste Produkte GmbH says.

Hagenburger Feuerfeste Produkte GmbH was founded in 1937 in Eisenberg / Pfalz in Germany, an area with high quality refractory clay deposits. Today Hagenbuger is located in Grünstadt where the company manufactures a wide range of high quality extruded plastic, dry pressed and isostatic pressed products for specialty iron and steel applications. These include complete gating systems for large hand and machine cast parts, isostatic pressed alumina graphite monobloc stopper rods, nozzles and many other pressed and fired components in iron and steel foundries. Precast and unshaped products complete the variety of products for casting metal casting market.

“We´ll go through fire for you” The Hagenburger name is synonymous with high quality and is well known throughout the European foundry and steel industry as leaders in metal flow and control technology and solutions.